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Olivia Rodrigo reveals struggling in toxic relationship in new single 'vampire'

By Maria Julianne Makinano Published Jul 01, 2023 9:51 am

Olivia Rodrigo is back with her newest single vampire released on Friday, June 30, on various music streaming platforms. 

vampire is the first track released in her sophomore album, GUTS, set to be launched on Sept. 8.

While this new track comes almost two months ahead of her EP's launch, the 20-year-old singer went ahead, spilling her guys out on this one  Spilling your guts is when you bare yourself to others, especially your struggles and problems.  

Here’s a breakdown of the song into three possible meanings, which shows how Olivia spilled her guts in her second album’s lead single:  

Olivia had an older, toxic ex 

Right off the first verse, Olivia already painted the person she is referring to in the song as someone who is toxic. The lyrics, “Six months of torture you sold as some forbidden paradise,” and “And every girl I ever talked to told me you were bad, bad news,” were already a tell.  

The lyrics, “Went for me and not her ‘cause girls your age know better,” implied that she was referring to an older ex.  

She also hinted at trying to fix her partner before realizing that she cannot, with the lyrics, “I tried to help you out, now I know that I can't. 'Cause how you think's the kind of thing I'll never understand.”  

She called out her former lover a ‘bloodsucking vampire’  

Announcing the title vampire may have raised brows a few weeks ago but Olivia proved that sometimes, a metaphor will be the best way to call someone out.  

Olivia referred to her ex as a bloodsucking “vampire” with how the person seemingly “sunk their teeth” into her, implying that she was used and taken advantage of throughout their relationship.   

This was shown through the lyrics, “bleeding me dry like a g------ vampire,” and “I should've known it was strange, you only come out at night.” The line, “famef---er” in the chorus also implied that the person used Olivia’s popularity for their advantage. 

Olivia Rodrigo/Instagram
She had now reflected on the relationship  

The song expressed how Olivia saw now how messed up the situation was. This was reflected in the lyrics, “You're so convincing. How do you lie without flinching?” and “I loved you truly, you gotta laugh at the stupidity.”  

vampire conveyed her anger and anguish about the past situation and reflected on how she was led to believe that it was okay because it was love.  

The song was created by Olivia herself, with producer Dan Nigro. 

“Writing this song helped me sort through lots of feelings of regret, anger, and heartache,” Olivia tweeted, adding that this song is one of her favorites in the upcoming album.