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9 roles Kim Seon Ho played in dramas that will surely charm your heart

By Melanie Uson Published Jan 20, 2023 8:55 pm

From the nerdy and shy rookie employee to the reliable jack-of-all-trades, Kim Seon Ho never failed to capture hearts with his award-winning talent.   

Before his small screen debut, Kim Seon Ho started his acting career in theater plays after earning his Broadcasting degree at the Seoul Institute of the Arts.  

After his one-year hiatus in 2021, we bet you miss seeing Seon Ho on screens, mostly with his cute and goofy roles that still charm its viewers. 

As our “good boy” arrives on the Philippine stage for the first time in his fan meeting on Jan. 22, here’s a quick guide to the actor’s journey in television. 

Seon Sang-tae on Good Manager (2017) 

Kim Seon Ho made his television debut in 2017 with the workplace series Good Manager, where he played Seon Sang-tae, a shy rookie employee under the accounting department.

With his timid personality and being the youngest in the office, he always gets bossed around by his co-workers. Still, he never fails to emit joy with his kindness and charming smile.   

Oh Jin-gyu on Strongest Deliveryman (2017) 

After the success of his forray into  television acting, Seon Ho got the secondary role after auditioning for the series Strongest Deliveryman.  

He played Oh Jin-gyu which, unlike his first role, is a spoiled son who grew up in a business-centric family. However his lack of business-mindedness results in him being hated by his father, who abuses him emotionally. 

In this series, we get to see Seon Ho’s transformation as Jin-gyu from being a spoiled child to establishing his own business from scratch, leaving a comfortable life, growing into a rich family. 


Gong Su-chang on Two Cops (2017) 

Seon Ho got his first lead role in the same year in the series Two Cops with Jo Jung-suk and Reply 1988-star Lee Hye-ri. 

He played Gong Su-Chang, a con artist and swindler who changes after his soul began to inhibit the body of a police detective. 

This TV drama enabled Seon Ho to bag awards, particularly Best New Actor and Excellence Award at the 2017 MBC Drama Awards. 

Jung Jae-yoon on 100 Days My Prince (2018) 

Kim Seon Ho's first period drama is 100 Days My Prince, where he played Jung Jae-yoon, an advisor to the prince that was played by EXO’s Kyungsoo/D.O. 

Jung Jae-yoon is depicted as someone who is kind, intelligent, and has a sense of humor, but suffers from a condition called Prosopagnosia, an inability to recognize people’s faces. 

100 Days My Prince is one of the most hit drama series at that time, it peaked at a 14.4% viewership rating on its last episode. 

Kim Rae-wan on You Drive Me Crazy (2018) 

Kim Seon Ho starred in a romantic-comedy series in the same year, where he played Kim Rae-wan. 

Rae-wan has a longtime best friend, Lee Yoo-Young, with whom he has a one-sided love at the same time. Things got complicated when the two slept together on one drunken night. 

Their kissing scene uploaded to the MBC Drama YouTube channel went rounds, garnering 16 million views as of writing. 

Cha Woo-shik on Welcome to Waikiki 2 (2019) 

Seon Ho further showcased his talent in the comedy series Welcome to Waikiki 2 as Cha Woo-shik, an aspiring singer who manages a guesthouse with his high school friends. Cha Woo-shik has an unrequitted love with one of his high school friends, Han Soo-yeon.  

Go Ji-seok on Catch the Ghost (2019) 

In the same year, Seon Ho got a role in his second crime series Catch the Ghost where he played police officer Go Ji-seok. He forms a chaotic tandem with police investigator Yoo-ryeong to find her missing twin sister.  

Han Ji-pyeong on Start-up (2020) 

Start-up is unarguably Kim Seon Ho's big break. Fans of the series rooted for the actor as he played big-time venture-specialiest Han Ji-pyeong. 

Han Ji-pyeong grew up as an orphan, but his intelligence and strategic mindset enabled him to seek and grab opportunities for his desired career. He managed to earn and live independently despite his young age. 

He is known in the field as strict and a perfectionist, but he is also soft and warm on the inside, especially to Choi Won-deok's Kim Hae Sook or "Halmoni" (grandmother in English). His concern and thoughtfulness towards the aged lady earned him the title of “good boy.” 

With this role, Seon Ho won the‘Most Popular Actor award at Baeksang Arts Awards, where he was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor. He also won the Character of the Year award in the Seoul International Drama Awards in 2021 for the same role.  


Chief Hong Du-sik on Hometown Cha-cha-cha (2021) 

Kim Seon Ho's latest role was in Hometown Cha-cha-cha, where he played Hong Du-sik, a kind, jolly, and reliable handyman who has "baggage" he needed to deal with. 

With his warmth, he is loved not only by his on-screen community, but also by viewers around the world, especially with his chemistry with Shin Min-a. 

He won the Outstanding Korean Actor Award for the role in the 2022 Seoul International Drama Awards.