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Heart Evangelista opens up about people from her past, being labeled as 'toxic': 'They destroyed my inner joy'

By Melanie Uson Published Jan 29, 2024 4:41 pm

Heart Evangelista tearfully recalled how people from her past “damaged” her and labeled her as a “problematic, toxic” person. 

The fashion style icon got real on her recent unscripted vlog, sharing the behind-the-scenes preparation for her event in Indonesia and Singapore visit. 

In the over an-hour-long vlog, Heart talked about her life from when she was starting in modeling, dealing with spam accounts, and being shadow-banned on social media, to being damaged by the people she once “trusted” in the past. 

“Whenever I get problems, like personal problems, I couldn’t even be in a bad mood because they would make me feel like I’m so toxic and they’d really make me feel that I’m so toxic,” she tearfully began. 

Without dropping names, the socialite went on about how she tried to not burden anyone with her own problems to not become “selfish,” but stressed how tired she became because of it. 

“And so ngayon, kahit—I try to be happy, I try even if I have my own problems, I try not to be selfish. But sometimes, like, I’m only human, like, I’m really tired… You know. I’m really tired of overthinking, I’m tired of thinking about other people. You know, other people… I hate it,” she added.

“And at the same time, you feel like you’re a bad person so you deserve it. Because you feel like because you’re problematic, you’re toxic to everyone, ‘yung gano’n?” she added.

‘They really destroyed my inner joy’

A person from the background then replied, “But then again, these people are gone,” to which Heart agreed, delving more into how much damage they have caused her.

“I know they're gone. But it's how they paint you, like you're such a bad person. So you get extra like, you know? It's like you gotta be extra perfect to people around you,” she said. 

The I Left My Heart in Sorsogon star went on about how she gets “triggered” about having competition, especially since that kind of mindset was getting “fed” into her by certain people. 

“But now that I'm alone, it's really not about other people. It's about like they really destroyed my inner joy, how bubbly I was, how I was so carefree, you know?” she said.

“I'm still struggling, because I wish I wouldn't have to see them. But parang dinumihan nila ‘yung part ng area ko, kung saan ako nagta-trabaho, nandiyan sila,” she added, noting that while she’ll get over it, it is still especially hard since she was with these people who hurt her “for such a long time.” 

In July 2023, rumors circulated that Heart and her former long-time glam team Justin Soriano and Jeck Aguilar had a falling out, with Justin debunking that money was the cause of it.  

The following month, Heart opened up about how she finds friendship breakups “more painful” than romantic breakups, noting how she relies on her buds as her family. 

“I never treat my friends like friends, I treat them like family, that's why when you treat them like family, they know the good and the bad because you’re confident that they saw your heart first, right? So, it’s painful for me,” she mused. 

She has also been sharing cryptic “revelations” on her social media pages about being shadow-banned and her contacts stolen for somebody’s Europe trip.

Despite all these, Heart said she’s still grateful to go through it all, stressing that she “will not be [broken] again.” 

“I’m glad I really went through the fire,” she said. “I’m a tough cookie, it’ll be tough for you to break me.”