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#FangirlGuide: 9 explosive NCT 127 tracks to add to your playlist

By Hannah Mallorca Published Sep 04, 2022 3:11 pm

There’s something about NCT 127’s discography that makes noise, craziness, and wildness sound so good. 

Bombastic songs are the trend in the K-pop industry but the group has a unique ability to make “noise music (with the generous addition of R&B)” sound so addictive. Perhaps, it’s their unapologetic identity, the members’ harmonies, or their unique take as the representatives of Seoul. 

Apart from the group’s setlist in their “NCT 127 2nd Tour: Neo City - The Link” tour, there are so many hidden gems that lie beneath their music. You just have to know where to look. 

So, as we fangirl over Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, and Haechan, here are nine of our favorite NCT 127 songs that are must-haves to your fangirl playlist.

Wakey Wakey

A pick-me-up—but loud, feisty, and so NCT 127. The track starts off whimsical, almost like a lullaby, until it does a complete 180 into a loud song that has you getting up within seconds. It carries a strong hook in the chorus to command attention while urging listeners to get up and dance.


Take care of my right hand / I’ll take you anywhere you want.” Pilot is NCT 127 flexing their undeniable charisma and controlled chaos—as they take listeners on a sweet ride to utopia. R&B is a familiar terrain in the K-pop industry that only a handful of groups can pull off with their own flavor. And this group, through this addictive banger, is one of them. 

Sit Down!

Sit Down! shows off the NCT 127 we know and love—with Taeyong and Mark leading the helm. While noise music can be too overwhelming, this song features a satisfying combination of the group’s vocal and rap prowess. The members order you to “sit down” in the chorus and we’re glad to obey.

Summer 127

Come through, summer anthem of the year. This buried treasure is a fusion of K-pop club bangers as it rests on a classic '90s disco beat, eargasmic hooks, and undeniable charisma. The vocal line brought out the best of a tried-and-tested formula but Taeyong and Mark’s fiery rap lines in the bridge made it soar to the heavens.


There’s a reason why Lips is usually included in an NCTzen’s “hoe playlist.” The trap-infused banger features the signature NCT 127 that we all know and love but the members go hard with its sensual vibes. The vocals and raps are more subdued than usual but they’re done intentionally and flawlessly well.


NCT 127 is known for their explosive title tracks but when they take it slow, they go down in all their manly glory. The sexy Sun&Moon is one of the best examples of this. The instrumental sounds almost dreamlike with its melody as their layered vocals take center stage. As expected of a group from SM Entertainment, if we do say so ourselves.

Pandora’s Box

Call us masochistic but if opening Pandora’s Box brings us closer to NCT 127, we’ll leave it open as much as we please. This track boasts of a synthwave-infused melody that’s easy to sing along to without sounding too monotone. Can we also talk about how this song showed how heavenly their vocals are?


Far takes us to a different dimension as the group goes hard with its signature in-your-face instrumental and vocals. Perfect for a concert or an opening at a fanmeeting, this banger is futuristic without leaving a too far-off impression to listeners. To add, Haechan’s high note brought us down to our knees. Enough said.

Knock On 

This song is the reason why NCT 127 needs to try a dreamlike concept in their next comeback. Knock On is mesmerizing and it shows off the vocal line at their best—while proving why they’re a group of vocalists. The subtle, muted version of the group doesn’t come often but it’s something they should embrace in their music.