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Miss Universe owner Anne Jakrajutatip addresses leaked video where she allegedly calls inclusivity a 'strategy'

By Yoniel Acebuche Published Feb 27, 2024 12:24 pm Updated Feb 27, 2024 6:00 pm

Thai mogul Anne Jakrajutatip, who owns the Miss Universe Organization, has addressed the viral video, saying it was "malicious" and was taken out of context to "manipulate other people." She also thanked her significant other for "always being here" despite the controversies.

In a Facebook post, Anne posted a loving photo of herself with a man alongside a text that says "Always & Forever." She said that the leaked video—which claims that the Miss Universe owner believes certain contestants have no chance of winning despite promoting inclusivity—is only causing public confusion.

"The malicious[ly] edited video was out of context and used to manipulate other people which led to the public confusion, misunderstanding, misinterpretation and wrong conclusion," she wrote.

"I hope the world would not go round by this nonsense soap opera alike. I still don’t comprehend why this man, who I was so nice to, would like to jeopardize me and the organization while we were talking about one of the new reality show episodes, not the pageantry itself," she continued.

She added that the alleged sabotaging was unsuccessful as they are supported by "strong, clever fans who can distinguish what is real or not."

"We always have kind supporters who genuinely love [the] MUO brand and believe in our core value of promoting diversity. I’m a trans woman and a mother myself who all my life [fought] for the gender equality rights to be where I am. Why do I have to live my life up against on what I believe? God gave me the purpose to live, to inspire, and to spread kindness. I do have [the] strength to forgive this man and show the desire to the universe that LOVE is what we need in this world. Amen," Anne added.

The leaked video, originally uploaded by Mexican TV channel Imagen Television, showed Anne in what looked to be a business meeting with other pageant administrators.

"Now that we changed the age limit, they can compete and come back again. This is a [communication strategy] because... you understand... that they can compete, but they cannot win," said Anne.

Additionally, the Thai businesswoman allegedly remarked that their "inclusive" effort is for social inclusion, thus a mere "policy out there."

"We just put the policy out there… social inclusion, as people would say, like that way of thinking. They would think that I'm a part of the organization. We will tell them you are unclear, with respect and inclusion," she said.

MUO takes a stand

In defense, the organization released a lengthy statement on its website saying that it "reaffirms" the "unwavering commitment to the core values" it has "diligently defended over the years."

"The Miss Universe Organization stands as a beacon of empowerment and diversity, unwavering in our commitment to upholding cherished values," it wrote. It also emphasized that there are individuals who were "engaged in the manipulation of digital content and the distortion of facts for personal gain."

"We remain committed to our mission to offer equal opportunity and honor the beauty found in every individual, regardless of background or ethnicity," the organization assured.

"We wholeheartedly embrace and defend the expression of beauty in its various forms."

MUO concluded, "Together, we will safeguard the principles of inclusivity, transparency, and integrity, ensuring that they remain central to all of our efforts."

Screenshot from Miss Universe / Website

Screenshot from Miss Universe / Website

Screenshot from Miss Universe / Website

Screenshot from Miss Universe / Website


'It was rigged from the moment I was on stage'

Jane Dipika Garrett, Nepal's representative in the 2023 Miss Universe pageant in El Salvador and the first plus-size beauty queen who joined the pageant, aired her sentiments on Instagram regarding the remarks on the leaked video. 

She said that the "inclusive" delegates— mothers, divorced women, married women, trans women, and plus-size beauties—weren't ever gonna get a real chance to win, which she felt at the very moment she was on the stage.

"Honey, I knew it was rigged from the moment I was on stage. I realized us, 'inclusion' girls weren't ever gonna get a real chance to win," she wrote.

Nonetheless, the 23-year-old Nepal beauty, who finished in the Top 20 of the 72nd edition of the beauty pageant, said she is still "happy for the experience" and the platform she created in the pageant.

"But it is what it is, and I'm super happy for my experience there and the platform I've been able to create," Jane said. "I have all my lovely fans and support, and that's more than a crown for me."

Edition of firsts

In 2022, Anne called the Miss Universe a "new era of the global women's empowerment platform" that is going to be "run by women, owned by a transwoman, for all women around the world." It builds interest to pageant fans to see how the following editions of the prestigious beauty contest will change in this "new era" back then.

Embracing a new chapter, the 72nd Miss Universe pageant saw the inclusion of progressive contestants, marking a "new era."

Columbia's María Camila Avella Montañez and Guatemala's Michelle Cohn were the first mothers and married women to compete in the pageant. The former was able to enter the Top 5.

Jane of Nepal, meanwhile, defied beauty standards as the first plus-size candidate who was able to enter the first cut of the pageant.

Moreover, Miss Universe also welcomed Pakistan through Erica Robin as the first-ever winner of the Miss Universe Pakistan 2023. She wore a blush-colored burkini in the Swimsuit competition.

Ultimately, after Spain's Angela Ponce made history as the first transgender candidate to compete in Miss Universe 2018,  two more trans beauty queens were able to raise their flag in the global pageant. Rikkie Valerie Kollé and Marina Machete of the Netherlands and Portugal, respectively, became the first transwomen to represent their country in the pageant.