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Maggie Wilson says mom finally released on bail, claims ex-husband orchestrated the arrest

By Melanie Uson Published Oct 13, 2023 11:12 am

Maggie Wilson shared that her mom, Sonia Nales, 64, was finally released on bail after getting arrested for carnapping. She also revealed her ex-husband, Victor Consunji, and other associates were behind it.

The former beauty queen-TV host made the update on Thursday evening, Oct. 12 via a series of Instagram stories, detailing what happened in the past 36 hours since her mom was detained. 

“An update: It’s been tough 36 hours for our family knowing that my 64-year-old elderly mother had to spend time in a cramped cell with 57 other women for a crime that was impossible for her to commit,” she began. She went on to detail that her mom, whom people also call “Tita Sonia,” was arrested on Oct. 11 at 10:30 by several police officers for carnapping.  

“These types of grave injustices cement why so many citizens of our country have little to no faith in our justice system,” she said, revealing her ex-husband and his associates orchestrated her mom’s arrest. 

“The accusations made by Victor Consunji, Bernie Mendoza, and associates are the same people who made countless false allegations against me, [Tim Connor], and many others,” she revealed. 

The 34-year-old TV host further shared that her mom has been released on bail, amounting to P300,000. 

“It has been glaringly evident that the criminal case filed against her is nothing short of malicious,” she said. 

Maggie emphasized that the events of their legal feud can also happen to others, while also stressing that Victor's moves against her are just a “smoke screen” for the “countless cases” against him. 

“What has transpired over the past several months is that these types of accusations don’t just apply to me, my family, or Tim but to others as well,” she said. 

She continued: “Unfortunately, it is just a smoke screen for countless cases and complaints he currently has against him and the companies he is associated with.” 

“Knowing the one man is causing this much mayhem, chaos, and distrust is worrying.” 

Despite all these, Maggie stressed that they are determined to push through with the legal battle, may it be inside or outside the Philippines. 

“We are determined to fight this legal battle inside and outside the Philippines. We have been documenting everything to show the world how broken our system is,” she said. 

“Whenever you purchase anything from him, you help fund his ‘strategies’ to go after people like me and others who disagree with his control and narrative over you,” she continued. “Regretfully, this was me for almost 12 years.” 

Maggie's rumored boyfriend, Tim, meanwhile, also shared an “advice” seemingly directed to Victor. 

“Bro...if I could give you one piece of wisdom today...From a guy 11 years your junior that has done some pretty stupid sh*t in his life (me), having your son’s 64-year-old grandmother arrested for carnapping when she doesn’t even hold a license is not a flex; in fact, it’s absolutely tragic,” he wrote in his Instagram story. 

“If there are any sensible family members out there, please, for his own sake, sit him down this evening,” he continued. 

This comes two weeks after Maggie’s exposé of the smear campaign against her lifestyle company Acasa, accusing Rachel Carrasco, her ex-husband's current partner, as the person behind the move after spotting her photo in screenshots.

"The timestamps on those screenshots were all the same," she said. "The script is the same," adding that some comments and videos have been deleted.

On Sept. 27, she urged the “paid influencers” to come clean, otherwise, she will take legal action.

After ending their 11-year marriage in 2021, Maggie and Victor have been airing their feud on social media, including filing cases and warrants of arrest.