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Maggie Wilson says her mom was arrested for carnapping

By Melanie Uson Published Oct 11, 2023 8:49 pm Updated Oct 12, 2023 9:58 am

Maggie Wilson revealed that her 64-year-old mom was arrested on Oct. 11 for carnapping. She also opened up about receiving phone calls “every single day” due to a certain man's alleged debt. 

The former beauty queen-TV host made the revelation on her Instagram Stories on the same day officers took her mom Sonia Nales-Wilson into custody.

“A few moments ago, multiple police officers came to arrest my mom,” she began. 

Without naming anyone, she went on to emphasize how her mother took care of him and their son. 

“My mother has looked after OUR son and YOU through thick and thin,” she continued. “You’ve hit a new low.” 

Maggie continued to stress how her mother is allegedly wrongly accused of the crime.

“She doesn’t have a license, let alone knows how to drive,” the beauty queen wrote. 

Maggie also emphasized that she continues to document everything in detail about what has been happening. 

“The government wouldn’t listen, and the justice system wouldn’t listen, but I’m sure the rest of the world will.” 

“One man is about to bring great shame to our country,” she added. 

Her rumored boyfriend, Tim Connor, echoed the same sentiment, saying the situation was “an eye-opener.” 

“I am unsure how you tell your son that you had his mother and grandmother arrested because you were so angry that you no longer had control of your ex-wife,” he wrote.

“I am no angel, but I guess we all have different ethics and values in life,” he continued. “Unfortunately, desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Hours after the rumored couple posted their Instagram Stories, Maggie revealed the unnamed man's unfulfilled monthly financial pledge of P20,000 and alleged debt.

“It’s been over two years since I walked away,” she began in her caption, sharing a photo of her with her mom.

“He pledged to give me a monthly stipend of PHP20,000 in late 2021 for my basic needs. I have not received a single peso, nor have I followed up or asked for any of it,” she added, Maggie refused to drop names for “legal reasons.” 

She also disclosed how “he” spends “borrowed money from investors” to continue to badger her with legal charges, instead of paying his debt to his suppliers, taxes, banks, and more. 

“In fact, the house I moved into when I was still in Manila had six months' worth of unpaid bills. I cleared that debt myself. I’ve even asked several times for the bank account details to pay for the ‘rent,’ but they wouldn’t give them to me,” she wrote.
“He has been using borrowed money from investors to try and get me instead of paying what he owes to his suppliers, brokers, taxes, credit lines from banks, and others,” she revealed. 
“I get phone calls and messages every single day from people chasing debt,” she added. “If you think for a moment that this is about me extracting money from him, it’s quite the opposite.” 

“For legal reasons, this is not about who you think it is. The sky is green, and unicorns exist,” she concluded. 

This comes two weeks after Maggie’s exposé of the smear campaign against her lifestyle company Acasa, accusing Rachel Carrasco, her ex-husband Victor Consunji’s current partner, as the person behind the move after spotting her photo in screenshots. 

"The timestamps on those screenshots were all the same," she said. "The script is the same," adding that some comments and videos have been deleted. 

On Sept. 27, she urged the “paid influencers” to come clean, otherwise, she will take legal action. 

After ending their 11-year marriage in 2021, Maggie and Victor have been airing their feud on social media, including filing cases and warrants of arrest.