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TREASURE, BamBam, and Jackson Wang’s swoon-worthy highlights at the ‘K-pop Masterz in Manila’ concert

By Hannah Mallorca Published Aug 06, 2022 10:21 am

There’s no better way to stan TREASURE, BamBam, and Jackson Wang than by fangirling over them at an iconic joint concert.

It was a three-hour screamfest as TREASURE and GOT7’s BamBam and Jackson took the Mall of Asia Arena crowd by storm at the “2022 K-pop Masterz in Manila” concert on July 29. The three-hour show was a night of all-out Teume and Ahgase goodness, fangirl overload, with these iconic acts stealing hearts left and right. 

It’s been a week since then but we still haven’t moved on from this one-of-a-kind show. So, allow us to list down our favorite moments of the concert alongside the cutest reactions of Teumes and Ahgases at the affair. 

Jikjin and I Love You—but intensified

Bring on the “Treasure effect,” boys. TREASURE (minus Bang Yedam and Takata Mashiho who are currently on a break from group activities) started their stint with a bang as they performed their hit songs JikJin and I Love You.

All-out charms at My Treasure, MMM, and Darari

Feeling the love from fans, TREASURE then turned on the charm with My Treasure, MMM, and Darari. The group is known for their effortless charm—hence, the “Treasure Effect” phenomenon—but there’s no better time to stan them than seeing them run to different parts of the stage while performing. 

They truly had the talent and stage presence, but there’s something about the rock version of Darari that truly stole our attention. 

Team Mahal Kita vs Team Gwapo

You’re all good-looking, TREASURE. This is one of the many reasons why Teumes love you. One of the cutest moments features the group dividing themselves into the “Mahal Kita” and “Gwapo” teams during game time much to the delight of fans. 

Who can forget the selfie and heart poses and Asahi being a bundle of joy?

“BamBam shot puno night market”

It seems that BamBam can’t get enough of the Filipino phrase “Shot puno” since he kept repeating it throughout the concert. He also brought back the topic of searching for a night market in the country (which he also mentioned during a press conference) to which fans reminded him that it’s not a thing here. 

Even so, he quipped that he’ll put up a night market in the Philippines and call it “BamBam Shot Puno Night Market.”

BamBam hypnotizes the crowd

Of course, it’s not a BamBam show without his signature brand of hypnotic performances. The moment he stepped onstage in a bedazzled black ‘fit as Wheels Up started to play, we knew it was going to be a wild ride. 

BamBam, being the performance master that he is, captivated fans with swoon-worthy stages of Slow Mo, Ride or Die, Look So Fine, Who are You, Pandora, and riBBon. He definitely put on an unforgettable show. 

BamBam brings on the Ngiti

Oh, BamBam. The all-around promise giver. To recall, the Thai singer promised Filipino fans that he’ll perform Ngiti as a gift. And he made it happen in all its kilig glory. “[Ngiti] has a special meaning. If you guys remember six years ago, I promised to perform this song again for you,” he said before singing.

BamBam even caught the attention of the original singer Ronnie Liang who uploaded a “cover duet” on social media. 

Sandara Park turns on the nostalgia

Sandara Park aka BamBam’s “Pinoy bestie” made the Mall of Arena crowd scream in delight as she made a surprise appearance. And as if her “namiss ko kayo” and “shot puno” were not enough, she even did an impromptu performance of 2NE1’s hit song I Don’t Care.

A prelude to what MAGIC MAN is about

Jackson Wang is the master of sending his fans into a frenzy—and the “K-Pop Masterz” concert is no different. He has always been alluding to the “MAGIC MAN experience” to fans and the show was a glimpse of what we can expect. 

The moment that the grungy instrumental of Cruel blasted at the Mall of Asia Arena, we knew that we wouldn’t survive his set. Fast forward, we did. Barely. What makes the night a treat for fans is the performance of this banger comes a day after the music video was released. This makes Pinoy fans the first ones to see it live. 

Jackson in his manly glory


Jackson lived up to his name “magic man” as his performances were nothing short of breathtaking. From Blow, 100 Ways, to unreleased songs from his forthcoming album, he made sure to give fans a night to remember. If his stint doesn’t excite you about Magic Man, we don’t know what else can amp up your feels. 

And if that wasn't enough, Jackson even rendered concert host Kring Kim speechless after he gave her a towel to cover her legs during their ‘ment. Sana all.