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This K-pop fan tried her idol's diet and ended up in the hospital

By Camille Santiago Published Apr 24, 2021 3:55 pm

As fans, it's only natural to try whatever your idol is doing—from the clothes they wear to the brands they trust, and even down to what they eat—or at least for this K-pop fan.

Recently, a content creator named Borararax2 tried the diet of one of her favorite K-pop idols, Jackson Wang of GOT7. However, it didn't turn out as expected because she ended up in the hospital.

Borararax2's now viral TikTok video shows the fan warning other people not to try diets made popular by K-pop stars. She explained that the food she was eating was in excess, and it affected her intolerances she didn't know she had.

The diet was just for three days. On the first day, she slowly reintrodced some foods and had seaweed snacks, beef jerkey, sweet potato chips, pizza, Wang's go-to breakfast "detox shake," and lentil soup.

But on the second day, she started feeling ill. Borararax2 believes that Wang's detox shake is what caused her body to react. The shake, as she showed in the video, contains vegetables and high fructose fruits such as apples and pears.

"I'm convinced that this shake is what really did me over because right now I facilitated a lot of high fructose foods," she said. "And if you didn't know this, let me take you back to science class. Apples and pears contain high amounts of fructose, which I'm not supposed to consider."

When she decided to go to the hospital, she ended up getting a surgery that involved shoving down a tube in her throat. In addition, she had several breath tests to determine her glucose and lactose intolerances. As it turns out, she was not supposed to be eating any of the foods from Wang's diet.

Because of this experience, Borararax2 warns others to be mindful of trying any diets.

Her followers noted in the comments that K-pop stars take plenty of vitamins a day and see doctors regularly. While another recalled a same experience saying she passed out at a mall after trying an unnamed K-pop star's diet.

As a reminder, always consult with your doctor first before trying any diet. Keep in mind, too, that our bodies are different and what might work for your idols, might not work for you.

Check out Borararax2's TikTok and YouTube videos below:


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