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#FangirlGigs: NCT 127 and Filo NCTzens partied non-stop during 'The Unity' tour in Bulacan

By Melanie Uson Published Jan 22, 2024 6:38 pm Updated Jan 22, 2024 8:02 pm

NCT 127 made sure their comeback was worth the wait as they delivered superb performances for their Filo NCTzens, who came to the venue last Jan. 21 as early as 10 a.m. for the 6:30 p.m. show. 

Despite the scorching heat, Filo Czennies glowed in their baddest and prettiest pearl neo champagne or fandom-colored fits. They commemorated this once-in-a-lifetime event by participating in games and activities at the fan hub, taking selfies and groufies with fellow Filozens, and doing TikTok dance challenges with NCT 127’s favorite tracks. 

@philstarlife Hey #CZENNIEs! What's your favorite #NCT127 song? #theunitynct127 #kpop #hallyutalkph ♬ original sound - philstarlife

One of the highlights of the event was when Filipino fans of Doyoung made a grand fan project for him: an aircraft carrying a banner saying, “PH DOPPU ALWAYS WITH DOYOUNG,” which the South Korean singer said made him feel "thankful and touched."

PH Doppu fan project for NCT 127's Doyoung.

The boys are back

The stadium did not have a quiet moment when NCT 127’s Doyoung, Taeyong, Yuta, Johnny, Haechan, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, and Mark came out in the flesh. Moon Taeil wasn’t able to join the tour as he is still recovering from injuries after getting into a motorcycle accident in August 2023. 

The boys kicked off the show strong with Punch, Superhuman, and Ay-Yo

After their Crash Landing, Space, Time Lapse, and Skyscraper stages, the group greeted the sea of pearl neo-champagne crowd. 

"Kamusta kayo? I'm so happy to perform here after a long time," Jungwoo said. 

Johnny also made the crowd scream in kilig with his smooth pick-up line. 

“Did you guys miss us a lot? We got the moon up there. We got the stars down here,” he said, and then pointed to the crowd. 

The boys continued to set the stage on fire as they performed their tracks DJ, Yacht, and Je Ne Sais Quoi. 

Just when you thought that they switched to a chill mood after a brief pause, Ilichil (127 in Korean) made another super entrance as they performed Fire Truck with an actual fire truck on stage. 

Not letting go of the hyped-up crowd, the boys gave another bombastic stage performance of Sit Down, Chain, and Cherry Bomb. 

NCT 127 during their The Unity tour in Bulacan.

"Philippines, you guys are so hot!” said Taeyong during his short ment. The mood then switched to a more relaxed atmosphere as they showcased their vocals in ballad songs Gold Dust, Fly Away with Me, White Lie, and Love is a Beauty. 

Just moments before marking the last few segments, NCT 127 went back to party mode as they performed their hit tracks Simon Says, Tasty, and Favorite (Vampire). The crowd then returned the hype with a much stronger energy by cheering, singing, and dancing along with their favorite boys. 

The Unity tour is their third show in the Philippines but their first time to perform in the country’s stadium, making it their biggest show yet. Down to the last part, the boys and Filozens partied hard in performing their biggest tracks Kick It, 2Baddies, and Fact Check. 

They interacted more with fans during Angel Eyes. Before ending on a sweet note, Jaehyun asked the Filo NCTzens “NCTzens, I have a question. Are you guys going to be there for us?" Before they serenaded the crowd with Be There For Me. 

@philstarlife We can't wait to have you back #ilichil! #nct127 #nct #theunitynct127 #kpop #hallyutalkph ♬ original sound - philstarlife

'A beautiful night'

During their last ment, the K-idols talked more to the fans, expressing how grateful they were for sharing an amazing night, and promised to come back again soon with an even better show. 

“We love you very much. Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment with us, under this beautiful moon. Moon Taeil, we miss you too,” said Johnny, adding, “Thank you, Philippines! We’ll be back! Remember, NCT 127 will always, ALWAYS, be there for you!”

Mark, meanwhile, said that they should have at least two shows in the Philippines next time. 

“It was such a beautiful, beautiful night tonight. I just hope the next time we’re here, I think we should have at least two days of the show!” he said. 

“Thank you so much for being patient, for sending us support from afar. We really love you and we’ll miss you. Thank you!” 

Yuta shared that he wasn't actually feeling well during the show, but because of the fans' cheers, he was "able to finish it safely,” he said through a translator.  

The concert ended with Promise You, with the crowd going wild for Yuta and Taeyong who removed their shirts.

The group didn’t talk much during their ments, instead, they just let their songs convey their love to the fans. I entered the stadium only knowing about a few songs from the group, but I left it with a few freebies in my hand and a pearl neo champagne heart.