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LIST: These October K-dramas are must-adds to your fangirl watchlist

By Hannah Mallorca Published Oct 13, 2022 10:21 am

There’s no better way to enjoy the spooky season than by binge-watching K-dramas that set your adrenaline levels on fire. 

Thankfully, these October Korean series offer an all-out experience filled with laughs, tears, and fangirl screams that can satisfy every fan. So, why not satisfy your love for K-drama land by checking them out?

Cheer Up

Premiere Date: October 3 on SBS and Viu Philippines
Cast: Han Jihyun and Bae Inhyuk


Desperate to save her family from poverty, Do Haeyi (Han Jihyun) focuses on working odd jobs rather than doing her best in university. However, her life suddenly changes when she joins the Theia, the school’s cheering squad that has been around for 50 years. She soon discovers the beauty of enjoying her life as a young adult while giving her loved ones the life they deserve.

The Love in your Eyes

Premiere Date: October 3 on KBS1 
Cast: Baek Sunghyun, Bae Noori, Choi Yoonra, Jung Suhwan

You’re not an old-school K-drama fan if you haven’t binge-watched at least a hundred-episode series in your life. But if you’re looking for a series to start, The Love in your Eyes is the way to go. The series tells the story of Lee Youngyi (Bae Noori) who lives beneath the shadow of her late husband’s family who pressures her with unrealistic expectations.

Love is for Suckers

Premiere Date: October 5 on ENA and Viki
Cast: Lee Dahee, Choi Siwon

Goo Yooreum (Lee Dahee) is going through a career crisis when Kingdom of Love, her reality show project, is her last shot to make it big in the TV industry. She finds comfort in her friend and neighbor Park Jaejoon (Choi Siwon) who’s searching for a romantic partner. After deciding to join Yooreum’s show, they soon develop feelings for each other. 

Bad Prosecutor

Premiere Date: October 6 on KBS2 and Viu Philippines
Cast: Do Kyungsoo, Lee Sehee, Ha Joon

You’ve been a very bad boy, Jing Jung (Do Kyungsoo). But this troublemaker prosecutor is actually on the good side as he relies on his nose for mischief to fight for justice. Even so, his antics always land him a series of lectures from his peers, especially Shin Ara (Lee Sehee).


Premiere Date: October 7 on Netflix
Cast: Jeon Yeobin, Nana 

What if your loved one disappears from the face of the earth? In Glitch, Hong Jihyo (Jeon Yeobin) goes on a search for her boyfriend after he vanished with an unidentified light. She seeks help from Huh Bora (Nana), a member of a UFO club, in a fit of desperation. Along the way, Jihyo discovers a mysterious secret about Bora’s club.


Premiere Date: October 14 on TVING
Cast: Shin Hakyun, Han Jimin, Lee Jungeun, Jung Jinyoung

Set in 2032, science reporter Jaehyun (Shin Hakyun) is going through depression when his wife Yihu (Han Jimin) passed away. But his life changes when he receives a mysterious message from Yihu asking him to meet her in Yonder, a space that exists between life and death. Despite the confusion, he takes the trip to discover the cause of her demise.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella

Premiere Date: October 15 on tvN and Netflix
Cast: Kim Hyesoo, Kim Haesook, Choi Wonyoung

Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone for the common good? Ask Queen Hwaryeong (Kim Hyesoo) who gives up royal protocols to change her troublemaker sons into eligible princes. Along the way, she discovers a different side of herself that urges her to change for the better.

May I Help You

Premiere Date: October 19 on MBC
Cast: Hyeri, Lee Junyoung

May I Help You tells the story of Baek Dongju (Hyeri) who’s born with the ability to talk to the dead in a bid to grant their final wishes. If she fails with her request, she’s cursed with bad luck throughout the day. She crosses paths with errand service employee Kim Jibsa (Lee Junyoung) who helps her make their dreams happen.


Premiere Date: October 28 on TVING
Cast: Jin Sunkyu, Jung Jongseo, Chang Ryul

Based on the 2015 short film of the same name, Bargain revolves around No Hyungsoo (Jin Sunkyu) who’s surrounded by people who want to buy his organs. With no way out, he has no choice but to watch his friend Park Jooyoung (Jun Jongseo) auction off his insides for a hefty sum. The bargaining ends at a halt when an earthquake pushes them on a quest for survival.

Curtain Call 

Premiere Date: October 31
Cast: Kang Haneul, Ha Jiwon, Kwon Sangwoo

Yoo Jaeheon (Kang Haneul) works as an actor for a local theater group who’s passionate about his craft. Despite the difficulties in the industry, he remains confident in his ability to inspire the audience. One day, he’s approached by an old woman with a request to take on the role of her grandson who turns out to be a defector from North Korea.