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From Pinoy Reveluv to Wendy’s ‘marecakes’: How Amiel Lopez became the luckiest Red Velvet fanboy

By Hannah Mallorca Published Mar 10, 2022 10:22 am

We all dream of getting noticed by our K-pop bias. Simple gestures like being “seen” on social media or hearing the words “mahal ko kayo” are more than enough to make any fan die of happiness. 

Amiel Lopez’s fanboy dreams came true after he became “marecakes” with Red Velvet’s Wendy at a virtual fansign in August 2021. Lopez even had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to express how much he loves his bias.

“Of course, I had to teach her a Filipino word. So, I taught her the word ‘marecakes.’ I just told her that it means sweet friend. AND NOW WE ARE MARECAKES FOREVER. ‘MARECAKES AMIEL’ - Wendy, 2021” Lopez wrote on Twitter.

You might think that getting a fansign slot for your favorite K-pop group is a piece of cake, but for Lopez, he was one of the 30 winners who were chosen. Some fans open group orders and buy albums in bulk for a single slot. 

“I opened a group order for Filipino Reveluvs or Red Velvet fans and sold it at a lower price. Then, I’ve entered the albums I’ve got to the video call event content under SM Entertainment,” Lopez told PhilSTAR L!fe. “It was a tight contest because only 30 winners were chosen. And out of the 30, only seven to eight international fans will be chosen too. Luckily, I was the 30th winner.”

Before Lopez’s virtual fansign with Wendy, he was supposed to teach the word “kambal” but was changed to “marecakes” at the last minute. 

“The main reason why I chose to teach her ‘marecakes’ is because I wanted a modern slang that most Filipino fans use. To be honest, I was going to teach her a different word like ‘kambal’ but moments before the video call, I changed it to ‘marecakes’ instead,” Lopez said.

Like many K-pop fans, Lopez was in a state of disbelief after the virtual fanmeet. He admitted that he “literally screamed and cried” after talking to Wendy. 

“To be honest, it still feels unreal that I was called ‘marecakes’ by Wendy. When that moment happened, I was containing my emotions because I had to make the most out of the limited time I had with her. Right after that call, I screamed and cried on the floor while laughing. What a roller coaster of emotions it was,” Lopez added. 

Lopez, who has been a fan of Red Velvet since the group's pre-debut, said having a “good budget” is crucial if you want to score a virtual fanmeet with your K-pop bias. He also advised K-pop fans to have a “good strategy” to gain multiple entries.

“I won’t sugarcoat it, but you have to spend lots of money when you join a virtual call event [with your bias]. You have to strategically choose which one you will enter. Some competitions entertain mostly international fans over domestic fans and vice versa. So, just be patient for updates,” Lopez said.

As cliché as it sounds, Lopez also “prayed and manifested” to be chosen as one of the winners. The Pinoy Reveluv added that he learned how to “support yourself” since it was a “stressful journey.”

“I talked to my merch and posters every night, as silly as it sounds. I prayed and manifested that I will have the chance to talk to my bias. It worked,” Lopez said.

Even if Lopez is known among fans as “Wendy’s marecakes,” he believes getting a fansign slot “is not the only proof that you’re a real K-pop fan.”

“Simply supporting their releases, solo or group activities, and appreciating them is enough to become a real fan. It’s not just about the merch, concerts, and fansigns. It’s about your love for them and their music,” Lopez added.

Wendy debuted as the main vocalist of Red Velvet in August 2014. The five-member girl group is composed of members Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri. 

The quintet is gearing up for their seventh mini-album Feel My Rhythm which will be released on Mar. 21.