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This adorable toddler always has a wild hair day due to extremely rare uncombable hair syndrome

By AYIE LICSI Published Feb 23, 2022 5:08 pm

Sixteen-month-old Lock Samples from Georgia stands out wherever he goes with his electrifying hair.

The toddler is one of just around 100 people in the world diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic hair condition called Uncombable Hair Syndrome (UHS), which makes his blonde locks look fuzzy all the time.

Lock's parents, Katelyn and Caleb, noticed his unique hair when it started growing when he was about six months old. He has a three-year-old brother with the same bright blonde hair, but the big sibling's hair doesn't stick out.

Washing the toddler's tresses presented to be a struggle as it was hard to get wet, Katelyn shared with Fox Atlanta.

"Then, as soon as we would dry it, it would not lay flat, even if we brushed it. As soon as it dries, it pops back up," the mother said.

After months of wondering about Lock's locks, a stranger messaged Katelyn on Instagram, telling her the toddler might have UHS. They were directed to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta where the 16-month-old's hair was studied under a special microscope.

"The hair strand is like a triangle shape and twisted. Every single individual strand is that way," Katelyn said.

The mom also learned that the condition doesn't affect Lock's health, but it does make his hair fragile.

"Other than wild and crazy cool hair, he is perfectly healthy and very happy. He does have severe eczema, which may be linked to UHS," she said.

So what does the haircare routine for dandelion-like locks look like? The toddler's mom shared that they only wash Lock's hair once a week with water and gentle shampoo. They also cannot use styling products or gel on it without risking breakage.

While most people respond to the electrifying hair positively, the family has also received not-so-friendly comments.

On Instagram, the family posted about hearing. "That baby wakes up every day with a bad hair day!" from an older woman while they were at a Waffle House for Thanksgiving.

Followers, however, were quick to encourage the Samples, affirming that Lock's hair is beautiful.

Katelyn also said that she considers her child's unique hair a "blessing."

"We're so proud of it. I think it's cool to have something that lets you stand out. We really consider it a blessing," she shared.

There are only 100 confirmed cases of uncombable hair syndrome in the world, with Lock being one of them. According to the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center, the condition, which first becomes apparent from three months of age to 12 years of age, often spontaneously regresses in late childhood.

The Samples family shares their UHS journey, as well as adorable photos of Lock, on Instagram @uncombable_locks.