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Avoid these viral TikTok beauty trends at all costs

Published Dec 20, 2020 11:48 pm

People are spending too much time on TikTok these days. Pretty much everything’s on that app—funny skits, dance videos (we're not sure if those weird hand movements can even be considered dance), 60-second grammar lessons, prank wars (most of them look scripted, by the way), beauty trends, easy recipes to do at home, and a whole lot more. (And if you don’t know yet, Nadine Lustre is on TikTok now, too.)

But there's something intriguing about self-proclaimed beauty influencers invading the #FYP. For those unfamiliar, it's the For You Page. It’s the landing page of all the videos you might like based on the algorithm. While some of their tips are helpful, especially when it comes to makeup tricks, most of them are uneducated hacks that may do you more harm than good. So we’ve listed some of the most ridiculous viral TikTok beauty trends. Do yourself a favor and never follow these.

Do-it-yourself coffee scrub

As of this writing, the #CoffeeScrub tag has already reached 6.3 million views. So what they do is mix ground coffee (one person used Starbucks), brown sugar and coconut oil in one bowl, scrub the mixture all over the skin and wash it off. Then by the end of the video, their skin would look bright. (Spoiler: Their skin is bright even without the scrub.) 

Coffee grounds that aren’t meant for cosmetic use aren’t as fine and smooth as you think. In fact, they usually have rough edges. They also don’t melt so the effect’s fairly harsh on delicate skin. Sure, it won’t destroy your skin beyond repair, but continuous use may cause micro-tears and sometimes may even stain your skin.

What to do instead:

It’s simple, really. Consult with your dermatologist. They know which treatments will work based on skin type, when to cleanse, scrub or exfoliate, and which home skincare routines to adopt. Dr. White & Glow Facial & Gluta Spa has a consultation service and a bunch of skin treatments to try. You can book an appointment via Messenger or call (0926) 615-3601.

At-home lash lift 

There are already a number of DIY lash lift kits available in the market (not to mention an overwhelming amount of successful lash lift videos on TikTok) that will make you think twice if it's a TikTok beauty trend to avoid. But then, a lot can go wrong when perming lashes on your own.

Accidentally getting the perming solution in your eyes may cost you a trip to the hospital—the last place you’d ever want to be right now. “The strong chemicals used in eyelash perming can cause irritation, redness and discomfort if they come into contact with the surface of the eye, and in some cases, can even cause burns and painful corneal ulcers,” said an optometrist.

What to do instead:

The best thing to do is to leave the perming to a professional. Lash technicians underwent training before they were allowed to work on someone’s lashes, so you can put your full trust in them. We suggest availing of Just Lashes’ keratin lash lift service instead of doing it at home.

But if you think your lashes need extensions more than perming, you may book an appointment with Love Those Lashes, and take advantage of its full set service.

Hair dye as brow tint

When you thought you've seen it all, you'll come across this video of a young adult using permanent hair dye as eyebrow tint, and encouraging everyone to try it because apparently, this TikTok beauty trend is “super effective.” First of all, a no-name boxed hair dye’s already bad for your scalp hair, so imagine how much worse it would be for your eyebrows. The oxidative component found in boxed hair dye is usually too strong and may cause allergic reactions or skin infections.

What to do instead:

Again, book an appointment with trained professionals. Or you may visit Unica Hair Salon to avail of its hair coloring service, and Happy Brows for its brow tint service. Both shops observe proper safety protocols, so if you still love your hair (and face), just let the pros do all the work for you.

Double-bridge anti-blue light glasses from Eye Browse Optical

TikTok can be a fun place though if you look past those weird videos. It has become people's virtual hangout place, but those who spend so much time on the app get headaches and eye strain. So make sure you wear anti-blue light glasses when you plan to hang out on TikTok.

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Editor’s Note: This article was provided by SM Shopmag.