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A helpful guide on what to wear for your home workout

By Hannah Mallorca Published Oct 03, 2020 12:22 am

I was a sports junkie when I was young. It was a way for me to maintain my figure since I tend to lack discipline when it comes to my appetite. However, it became hard for me to play badminton or swim during weekends since I was always busy.

As we remain in quarantine, there’s no excuse for me not to exercise, even if courts are still closed. There’s no denying that committing to a fitness routine takes a lot of effort. However, there are small ways to help in motivating yourself to reach your body goal.

Finding the right outfit can boost your spirits in working out. It also helps that you move without discomfort and your body is protected from injuries.

Here’s a beginner’s guide on what to wear to help you get started with your fitness journey:

A headband and wristband

Outtobe Headband and Wristband Set

It’s a must to keep your hair off your face and your arms supported before working out. It prevents you from feeling any discomfort, no matter how intricate your routine is.

This headband and wristband set from Outtobe is my “lifesaver” for my home workout since it saved me from unnecessary distractions. It also protected my arm from injuries, especially in doing core workouts.

This comes in a set, which lets you save a lot of money.

Ankle support

Kyncilor Nylon Ankle Support

I used to underestimate ankle support’s purpose since it was too “OA” for my taste. But ever since my painful ankle sprain experience, I’ve been wearing one, especially when I have to do burpees or reverse planks.

Try out this Kyncilor nylon ankle support from Sports Outdoor Shop for your next workout session. It firmly keeps my ankles protected while allowing my skin to breathe. 

Sports bra

Camel Shockproof Sports Bra


Remember the times when you couldn't work out if because you forgot your sports bra? This happens even when you’re working out at home.

For me, a sports bra is my fitness must-have. It protects my chest from unnecessary movements, allowing me to do high-intensity workouts without feeling any pain. In looking for the right sports bra, make sure to choose one that fits you well and provides enough support.

Camel’s sports bra is made out of a honeycomb-like mesh fabric that keeps us, ladies, protected when working out. It’s also shockproof, meaning that it prevents excessive boob sweat (which makes you feel icky).

A tank top with big armholes

Women’s Workout Racerback Tank Top

Since we live in a tropical country, I sometimes prefer lighter outfits when I’m working out. It’s easier for me to breathe, especially when I’m doing cardio workouts or HIIT at home.

This tank top from Lixada is a great addition to your fitness outfits. It’s lightweight and quickly absorbs sweat. Don’t tell anyone, but I sometimes wear this top when I’m doing errands.

A lightweight shirt

Camel Breathable Yoga T-Shirt

Nothing beats the comfort — especially if you’re not fond of exposing your body — of working out in a breathable t-shirt.

One of my favorite workout outfits is this t-shirt from Camel. It’s made out of finely knitted fiber that’s soft and feels like a gentle breeze on the skin. It also comes in a cute candy color that you can actually wear as a casual outfit.

A workout set

Camel Four-Piece Yoga Suit

Admit it, there are days when you’re too lazy to scour your closet for your workout outfits. If that’s the case, having a special workout set is perfect for you.

Usually, a workout set includes a sports bra, leggings and a t-shirt. What makes this workout set from Camel unique is that it consists of a hoodie and compression tights layered underneath shorts — perfect for jogging and biking.

Gym shorts

Outtobe Breathable Sports Shorts


Working out in a hot country can get uncomfortable if you’re wearing leggings or pants. Substitute them with a pair of gym shorts that’s loose and breathable.

This sports shorts from Outtobe (which I admittedly impulsively bought) is actually one of my favorite quarantine finds. Not only does it feel light on the skin, but it also includes cycling shorts that are sewn in.

Running shoes

Camel Breathable Running Shoes

You may be working out from home, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear running shoes. It’s a must, especially if you’re going to do planks or cardio exercises since it prevents you from slipping. 

These running shoes from Camel are breathable and it’s made out of lightweight fabric. It’s perfect for women who easily get blisters after wearing shoes for a long time. It may be cheaper than its other counterparts, but it does the job really well.

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Featured image credits: v.ivash on Freepik