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TRANSCRIPT: Miss World Top 6 finalists' Q&A

By Camille Santiago Published Mar 17, 2022 11:00 am

The top 6 finalists of the 70th Miss World pageant shared their thoughts on the different social issues such as inequality, human rights, and the environment during the finals night’s Q&A portion on Mar. 17 (Philippine time) at San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Find out how they answered below:

What have you learned from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Cote D'Ivoire: I learned from the COVID-19 pandemic that we can always try harder to be better and to improve. During the COVID pandemic, I think we all went through a lot. But the most important thing was to try to push through to always try to find the solution, because I believe that in life, it's not about falling, we fall to be able to get back up. 

Can we ever overcome inequality?

Vietnam: Yes, absolutely. I do think we can overcome inequality by respecting each other, between women and men. And I do think that equality will submerge if we keep each other and we keep respecting each other, our presses and the way we think and that is why I think that we can overcome if we are joined together and we we can overcome it. Thank you.

Which human rights do you value the most?

USA: The human right that I value the most is dignity. Because when we listen to other person's perspective, we're able to communicate with them, find their problems and give them solutions. So it's very important that we see everyone as equal, even if they live in places or on in situations where they aren't blessed with the basic rights of shelter, food, water, health care. We need to give the gift of dignity and listen and provide solutions and that is exactly the work that a Miss World does. She helps communities around the world by giving resources and aid and it would be by highest honor to be your ambassador for Miss World.

Nelson Mandela said that Miss World was the most important event in the world for empowering young people to be of service to their communities. How has Miss World empowered you?

Northern Ireland: Well, I would say that I have learned a lot from being at Miss World, from being a part of this experience. It has been absolutely incredible. I mean, I the spin—I was just a primary school teacher in Northern Ireland, a little country girl and now I am standing on the Miss World Stage here in front of all of you. It's absolutely crazy! But no, I think it's just we are women from all over the globe. We are different and unique in so many ways—you know, from our background, our culture, our religion. And it has been so lovely to be able to just listen getting that opportunity to listen to one another, share with each other our experiences and actually learn from each other so that we can work together to achieve a much better outcome. So yeah, I think never stop learning. That's something I have definitely learned that has empowered me.

What is the most important discovery that has yet to be discovered?

Poland: the most important discovery? I believe that this is no one but everything will learn something new. And we all have unique experiences. And all of us can learn something about ourselves and to be more authentic and personal. What I've discovered is that it costs us so little to enrich the life of others. And this is the cause that we can all afford. And believe me, it's worth its' price. So if you would like to discover something new, just try to learn to be much more in empathy, in compassion, in gratitude, because we can all do it. As I mentioned before, we can all be great because everyone can serve and this discovery seems so simple, but it's actually life will be cute. 

What would you say to the future generations about protecting the planet?

Mexico: I've always believed that child are the future of our world. Therefore we need to really take care of them and Sharla and something very important nowadays is also letting them know the importance of taking care of our planet. We take this planet for granted but it is not. We enjoy nature. I personally love nature. And I think that what we really need to do is start from home. Everything is determined by home. Children's youth is the most determinating age in someone's life, and therefore everyone who's listening to me and all the children who surround you we are all responsible for taking care of this planet. 

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