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Utah woman falls in love, marries man who bullied her when she was 15

By Melanie Uson Published Feb 08, 2023 2:17 pm

Bullying can cause anxiety and low self-esteem for some, while for one woman in Utah, it turned out to be the start of her road to "forever."

This woman is 20-year-old Lauren Enslow who fell in love with Lucan Olsen, 21, despite bullying her when she was 15. 

In a Daily Mail report, Lucas and his friends would make fun of Lauren, calling her “Linda”—a cartoon character from the animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers—and posting videos of her at school online.

“Lucas would film me and put it on his Snapchat without me knowing. At this point, I hated him. I wanted nothing to do with him,” Lauren recalled. 

But things turned differently after Lauren got into a car accident along with her mother and sister in November 2017.  

“We were in a parking lot and saw him,” the 20-year-old recalled. “My sister thought it was funny to roll down the window and call out his name.” 

Moments later, Lauren shared that they got into a car crash accident, and while no one was seriously injured, the car was severely destroyed. She then decided to post the photo of their car on Snapchat and was surprised when Lucas reached out, asking if she was okay. 

“He asked if I was OK. It showed he cared, it helped me like him again,' she shared. 

After the incident, the two started hanging out in the same friend group, eventually falling in love.  

Despite the bullying history, the couple dated for four years before getting married in October 2022.  

Lauren has been sharing their love story on her TikTok account, one of her videos includes her showing off her wedding ring with the text, “when you tell people you married your high school bully” along with a caption, “He just teased me it’s fine lol he had his redemption era."

@laurenenslow He just teased me it’s fine lol he had his redemption era 💅🏻😗#thismakessomanypeoplemad #literallychillout #highschoolsweethearts #marriedlife ♬ Speak Now - Taylor Swift

In the same report, Lucas shared why did he bully her now-wife: “I never actually thought she looked like that cartoon character, my friends and I were just coming up with characters to compare Lauren and all her friends to as a joke, that ended up going a little too far.” 

“I teased her because in the moment I think it was a mix of [liking] her and because my friends were doing it as well. Peer pressure in a way,” he said. 

@laurenenslow POV: you don’t hold grudges 💍🫶🏼 also my outfit kinda looks like The Rock in that one pic lmao #marriedlife #youngandmarried #imarriedmyhighschoolbully #sorrynotsorry #yesheapologized ♬ original sound - smokinaftereat

The couple now looks forward to their married life. Lucas said, “'I want a family with Lauren, I'm excited to build a house and watch the rest of our dreams come true.”