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Thumbs up for FIRST Skincare

By Melody Samaniego Published Nov 08, 2022 5:00 am

Self-care is at such a premium these days that the simple act of taking care of one’s skin—once considered pure vanity—is now considered essential by most. After all, anything that can provide us much needed respite from the daily grind in this fast-paced world is certainly most welcome. Yet, alas, not all skincare products are created equal. In fact, most such products use several harmful chemicals in their formula.

For those looking for skincare products that have only natural ingredients in them, look no further than those offered by FIRST Skincare—a fresh brand from Pure Essentials Specialist Corp. or PESC.

PESC is a 100% Filipino-owned social enterprise driven by its core belief to create social, cultural, community, economic and environmental impact in the Philippines through various advocacies. Their skincare line is called FIRST for Women I FIRST for Men Skincare.

Launched in May 2022, the brand is committed to creating consumer awareness and shift from products that contain toxic substances to, instead, using natural alternatives that are effective, safe, and gentle on the skin. A welcome offshoot of FIRST Skincare’s resolve to use natural ingredients is that they are able to support Filipino coconut & calamansi farmers while sustainably developing innovative products.

FIRST distinctions

FIRST Skincare is infused with Swiss bioactives that apply to all skin types; they are formulated with PSE (Pumpkin Seed Extract) Antioxidant System—a powerful, natural active ingredient developed with Swiss technology. PESC is the first to bring PSE to the the Philippines. This 100% biodegradable active ingredient guarantees the rejuvenation of the skin by breaking down and destroying old, damaged, or abnormal proteins inside the cells.

FIRST’s commitment to using sustainably sourced ingredients has also compelled them to use sustainable packaging for their skincare line. They utilize compostable packaging such as the use of bamboo caps to seal their products' reusable bottles. They also have zero-waste soap saver pouch made of sisal plants with a bamboo stopper that holds the drawstring. The sisal pouch also doubles as an exfoliating body scrubber that's soft on the skin.

Truly, FIRST offers value for money as their locally-manufactured products are very much world-class in terms of quality and efficacy.

Switching to FIRST is worth it

"Going the natural route is not for everyone, as habits are hard to break,’ says FIRST Founder, President and CEO Pinky Yee. “It is a journey, a work-in-progress for all. And so we persist, persevere, and remain hopeful that consumers will see and experience for themselves the benefits of using and embracing natural products.”

Yee adds that FIRST has separate skincare lines for men and women. “We are targeting both of them, as our products address their skin's specific concerns.”

Yee is confident that with the increasing awareness about and pivot towards sustainability, more people will seek out products such as the ones being offered by FIRST.

"They are the type of people who make a conscious effort to go natural on the food they eat,” Yee says of her target market. “They take care of themselves by going to the gym or exercising regularly to feel and look good. They invest in quality skincare products that address specific concerns like fine lines, uneven skin tone, high oil levels, acne, and rough areas. They support products and companies that promote advocacies like saving the environment and using locally-grown plants and crops as ingredients.”

The FIRST Story

PESC was conceived at a time when Yee was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2019. With the diagnosis, she had to detoxify and eliminate processed food, dairy, gluten, and sugar from her diet. Recognizing the positive impact of living clean on her health and well-being, she decided to create a line of natural products to ensure her environment is as clean as her body. This led to the creation of PESC.

FIRST for WOMEN I FIRST for MEN has just been launched 2nd quarter of 2022 and is still building its customer base in the local market. Baby steps, to be sure, but with a clear objective in mind: To provide Filipino men and women a natural and effective way of achieving glowing skin through a sustainable line of toxin-free skincare products. For her efforts and achievements, Yee was awarded the Woman Innovator at the Go Negosyo Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs for 2022. After more than two years since PESC’s inception, everyone on Yee’s team is still inspired to bring their ideas to fruition.

"We all heard of the saying, 'It takes a village to raise a child’,” Yee expounds. “Everyone who was involved in this project has a significant contribution to ensure its success. While I am the visionary and the prime mover providing directions, and strategies with a keen sense of detail for activities, I am blessed that I have a business partner who is very supportive of the company's goals. Shared values are essential in harmonious and productive partnership.”

Pinky T. Yee, Pure Essentials Specialist Corp. (PESC) founder and president, with PESC Vice President Lynet M. Ng

FIRST’s line of products are: Skin Brightening Soap, Balancing Toner, Restore and Renew Serum, Radiance Day Emulsion, Reboot Night Gel Crème, Nourishing Body Lotion, for Men and Women. These are also available in bundles, such as the Discover the Glow Trio.

You can buy FIRST for WOMEN I FIRST for MEN Skincare products at, or at Shopee, and Lazada. These will also be available soon on Zalora, Edamama, and Beauty Scout. You may contact Pure Essentials Specialist Corp. 132 San Francisco St., Brgy Plainview, Mandaluyong City Philippines, (02) 8287 5371.

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