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Nadine Lustre opens up to Liza Soberano on how holistic methods improved her mental health

By AYIE LICSI Published Mar 21, 2022 8:14 pm

In the latest episode of Liza Soberano's podcast called "An Open Mind," Nadine Lustre opened up on how she takes a more holistic approach when it comes to taking care of her mental health.

The actress started becoming aware of mental health in 2015 after noticing that she didn't seem to be in the right state of mind. "I realized there was something wrong when I started talking to some of my friends," Lustre recalled.

However, she didn't talk candidly about it right away, as she didn't want her friends to think she was "being emotional or dramatic."

"I remember going to Korea for my birthday in 2015 and I couldn't understand why I was always sad, why I just wasn't interested in anything, jaded. I felt like I was a robot. Everything felt automatic and it didn't have heart," Lustre told Soberano.

“Nakakahiya to talk about it," she continued. "At the age of 14, I didn’t want my friends to think I was being emotional or dramatic. But I knew I was going through something, I just didn’t understand what it was, so I didn’t talk about it.”

Amid the height of the pandemic, the Greed star became more aware of her mental health struggles. "I was alone. I barely see my friends. It's difficult 'cause there's nothing to distract you with. You're just stuck there with your feels. That was the kind of person I was before, keep everything inside and it's just there."

"As soon as there's a trigger, it brings it back up and I start fixating on it again. But a lot of things have changed," she said.

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Currently, Lustre has taken a holistic approach to her mental health, seeking the guidance of her life coach, Tita Cindy, who she met at an album launch.

“[Tita Cindy] uses cards. It’s not tarot, it's the Millennium Method. These cards have fractals on them, different designs. Para siyang tarot card, it kind of shows you your path, what you’re going through, your future. It shows you all the things you’re having problems with, all the things you need to work on," she said.

"When she brings out all of these cards, she explains it and she does this thing to the back of your neck like she downloads the cards."

"I believe in those things," Lustre added. "I believe in energy."

The actress said that although some people think it's just "hocus pocus," she believes in a holistic approach to mental health.

"Every time I would get anxiety, I would message [Tita Cindy] and she would try to pinpoint what it is that triggered it. She’s not just my life coach, she’s like a best friend also. She does clearing also, more on energy work talaga."

On manifestations

Lustre also told Soberano the story of how she "manifested" her current spartan lifestyle in Siargao.

“Back in May or April, we had this one session where she made me get a piece of paper. And then she asked me a couple of questions."

"She asked [me], 'Where do you wanna be in six months?' I wrote near the ocean or mountains. Because honestly, I just want to get out of the city and live somewhere close to nature because that's where I really find myself at peace. After a couple of months, I was in Siargao.”

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Later on, her life coach messaged her out of nowhere, saying, "The purpose of that session is manifestation."

"I would always have thoughts, I daydream a lot, I would daydream about the ocean, palm trees, being on the beach. It’s real, manifesting. It’s a real thing," Lustre said about the topic.