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Heal your body with heat

By LAI S. REYES, The Philippine STAR Published Jul 14, 2020 10:44 am

With age comes wisdom… and a litany of health problems, too. Add to that the anxiety and fear of illness and death brought about by the pandemic.

COVID-19 changes older people’s daily routines, the care and support they get, and their ability and need to stay fit, healthy and socially connected.

The good news is staying healthy even in one’s advanced years — amid the pandemic — is still possible.

Dr. Gar Eufemio, medical director at Peak Form.

Dr. Gar Eufemio, medical director at Peak Form, one of the country’s leading centers for sports conditioning and recovery, said that the critical points to consider for staying healthy well into the old age are pretty basic: proper nutrition, regular exercise and getting a good night’s sleep.

“It’s also important to keep one’s stress levels down to a manageable minimum,” he stresses. “Living in a clean and healthy environment are also key.”

A smart and safe way to stay healthy

Dr. Eufemio added that a little bit of heat under the sun helps. Aside from giving us a healthy dose of vitamin D, sunlight also emits energy in the form of  far infrared rays.

Since quarantine protocols prevent the elderly to stay outdoors, Dr. Eufemio suggests that a quick trip to Peak Form might help. There, they can enjoy the benefits of far infrared rays  just by lying down. It’s like a quick trip to the sauna — only with much more health and wellness benefits.

While a traditional sauna uses heat to warm the air — which in turn warms your body — a machine that uses far infrared rays  penetrates 4cm beneath the skin working on the intracellular level of the body that rejuvenates it.

Age is just a number: Far infrared rays are beneficial to the elderly because these rays cause reactions similar to those elicited by moderate exercise, such as sweating and increased heart rate.

Peak Form boasts a machine that harnesses the benefits of far infrared rays. It’s a French technology that is now available in the country with Vital Dome. It’s pretty beneficial to seniors because these rays cause  reactions similar to those “elicited by moderate exercise, such as sweating and increased heart rate.”

For many older adults, their metabolism has slowed down and they are not exercising as much.

“Far-infrared rays help speed up your metabolism, make you perspire and gets rid of those harmful toxins,” explains Dr. Eufemio. “Vital Dome safely heats your body temperature to make you sweat. It uses patented black carbon heating panels, which don’t scald your skin.”

Among the other  health benefits  are  relaxation, detoxification, anti-aging and slimming, pain reduction and reduction of muscle aches and stiffness. That’s why it’s also recommended for athletes.

Dr. Eufemio also suggests these practical tips to keep the body in tip-top form:

Meditation and mindful living. To help you de-stress, Dr. Eufemio suggests yoga and guided meditation. “Not only does it help clear the mind of negative thoughts, meditation places the body in a state of rejuvenating rest. Spiritual seniors have also experienced a sense of calm through regular devotions or attendance at religious services.

Eat a modified, but balanced diet. Old age brings a number of restrictions when it comes to one’s diet. Choose quality over quantity. Indulge in healthy yet delicious meals that are rich in vitamins and protein from green sources.

Keep moving. You may no longer be able to jog around the village, but staying active is a great way to feel young again. Taking brisk walks in the morning can help, as well as regular sessions of Zumba. 

Relax and keep inflammation at bay. One way to stay healthy is through the use of Far Infrared Ray technology on a regular basis through Vital Dome. The machine has B-Carbon panels that generate FIRs, which generates the body to relax muscles, remove toxins, and reduce inflammation. As a result, one can feel relaxed and refreshed after a session. “Theoretically, every major organ in your aging body can be rejuvenated,” Dr. Eufemio enthuses. “Well-perfused tissues perform optimally, effectively slowing down the course of aging. An added bonus is the release of endorphins, the happy hormones that help in stabilizing mood.”

“Keeping all this in mind — and with a little help from Vital Dome — age certainly becomes just a number and one can stay in the best of health for now and for years to come,” added Dr. Eufemio.

(Dr. Gar Eufemio is available for online consultation through the Cardinal Santos Medical Center portal at

(Those who want to experience Vital Dome first hand can make an appointment at Peak Form-Biopolis through