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'I let the world know that I appreciate her': Husband takes exception to 'misogynist' tag due to viral post, wife says she’s ‘100% happy’

By Brooke Villanueva Published Apr 21, 2022 3:34 pm Updated Apr 21, 2022 3:54 pm

The husband whose viral appreciation post on Facebook for his wife stirred highly spirited discussions about marriage and family maintains that he is not a “misogynist,” as other people may have assumed.

In an interview with PhilSTAR L!fe, Mark Vincent Yap Nodado said that contrary to what others have said about his post, he has been giving ample space for his wife to pursue her dreams and passions.

"I’m just surprised how people were able to come up with conclusions based on a single post," said Nodado.

In his viral Facebook post, Nodado shared a snippet of a conversation between him and his wife. 

“My wife said this morning: ’10 years na pala akong graduate, parang wala akong personal achievements’ to which I immediately responded, ‘Wag mo sabihin yan. Yung achievement ko, achievement mo. Kasi hindi ko naman magagawa ng wala ka ehh,’” Nodado wrote on Facebook.

People took it out of context.

He also acknowledged the everyday things she does for him such as making coffee, cooking, reviewing his work documents, on top of taking care of their children at home and cleaning up after him.

Although some netizens gushed over and were inspired by Nodado's appreciation for his wife, some were also critical, branding him as a "misogynist" and "patriarchal" as he seemingly invalidated his wife's yearning to be her own person.

But Nodado lamented that "sometimes, we're so quick to judge."

"I’m just surprised how people were able to come up with conclusions based on a single post," said Nodado.

"Let’s not jump to conclusions that I didn’t support her in her dreams. Coming from her after I said na my achievements are hers, umiyak siya and she told me, those are the words she needed to hear. Who are they to say otherwise? Yun ang nangyari. I interpreted it positively. We both interpreted it positively then why do people insist it’s negative?" said Nodado.

He also said that the bit about her having to flush the toilet after him was just "an inside joke" between them.

"Sabi niya, kung gusto mo minsan ako na magfflush ng toilet. Common husband and wife banter. It was immediately followed by a 'hahaha' but people took it out of context, took it literally na hindi ‘to nagfflush ng dumi niya, napakababoy niya, ginawang katulong yung asawa niya. What it meant to me, yung mga simple things na hina-highlight ko dun, those are the simple things I’m telling my wife nga, you may think that these are just napakaliit na mga bagay but it meant the world to me," said Nodado.

Nodado also shared that just a week before the morning exchange he shared on Facebook, they were talking about his wife’s dreams and how he could support her better.

His wife—who has been a financial advisor since 2019—planned on working her way up to the position of a Unit Manager (UM), but the COVID-19 pandemic got in the way. “A week before that conversation, that was one of our discussions. Sabi ko, ‘Ayaw mo bang mag-try ulit mag-UM?’ Sabi niya, ‘Ayaw ko na rin.’ Sabi niya, mas okay na siya mag-financial advisor kasi now we have three kids and at least, she’s able to explore, she’s able to do what she wants, and at the same time, she’s able to take care of the kids.”

I choose to stay at home for my family and I am 100% happy about it.

In a separate chat with PhilSTAR L!fe, his wife Mhei—who is also an entrepreneur—clarified she’s doing all those little things for their family "by choice."

“I stay at home, if by that I am a housewife, then okay. But as what my husband had written on his post, I also work as a financial advisor. I have my small businesses, too," said Mhei.

“But still, I choose to stay at home for my family and I am 100% happy about it. I get to see my kids grow, I take care of them by myself. They are healthy and happy,” she emphasized. 

Mhei, who has also posted her own statement on her Facebook profile, shared that she “felt kilig” over the post. “I really felt good that he appreciates what I do. He’s like that even before, he’s showy. He doesn’t seem to care how he tells everyone how he feels about me and our family. I love that,” she said. 

Mhei added that what matters to them is that even though people were “so quick to judge,” she, her husband, and their loved ones “genuinely know that the post does not mean any harm or not to put stress on me just being a housewife.” 

“The post is merely to show a husband’s appreciation to his wife. That’s all. What happens inside the house is what makes it a home—and we are home,” she said.