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How to pen a love letter for all ages

By BṺM TENORIO JR., The Philippine STAR Published Feb 07, 2024 2:52 pm Updated Feb 07, 2024 3:00 pm

There is no perfect love. But there will always be a perfect love letter. 

Flowers and chocolates—even clothes and golf clubs—are good gifts but they can only get better when accompanied with a letter. These gifts, however simple or pricey, cannot withstand the test of time the way a love letter can be kept. Ever wonder why some love letters of famous personalities of history end up in museums? A love letter tells not only of emotion but also of time, of political upheaval, of peace.

Peace—a sincere love letter brings peace to the writer and the receiver. Because there is a certain amount of freedom once emotions are said, once a letter is sent. There are things human beings cannot say in person and the absence of spoken words, the written text prevails.  

What makes a perfect love letter then? We asked people of all ages to share their tips.

Walt, 9

  • Think about how much you love that person. Show him/her how much you appreciate them by saying thank you for all that they do for you. 
  • If you can, add a small gift that reminds you of them, or add their favorite chocolate so they know that you are thinking about them and that you know what they love.
Tabitha, 15

  • Be sincere at wag gawing joke ang feelings!
  • Write legibly para readable.
  • Say all the things you want to say pero be respectful pa rin.
John Raphael, 24

  • You write the letter as if your love for that person depends on it. 
  • Show your emotions in writing a love letter and let them speak for themselves in showing your love for someone.
  • The most important thing in writing a love letter is to show that person how much you care, appreciate, and love them.
Mia, 30

  • Let your personality shine through! Add a bit of humor and include anecdotes or inside jokes.
Carmel, 40ish

  • A love letter is yours so much as it’s for your lover. So allow yourself to be vulnerable and just express whatever you feel deep within you, acknowledge those emotions, and share them. 
  • You can start with a name only you call him and let the words flow. Don’t think too much, just feel. I sometimes start with a fond or fun memory that I want both of us to remember and take it from there.
  • A lesson I learned (the hard way) when you pen down a real heartfelt love letter, don’t expect the receiver to write back. Just write for the sake of expressing how you feel without expecting reciprocity. Remember it’s about them and not just you.
Bum, 52


  • Begin by pouring your heart out. What is a love letter if you will not be able to say the murmurs of your heart? It means not saving a room for being mushy. Love, real and true, is sweet; let the syrup drip. That’s why you call the love of your life “Honey.” A language-tempered is an anomaly to love. 
  • Sincerity is the potion of the pen. Say it as it is. Sincerity is the heart of a handwritten love letter. Put across the message well. An honest heart bleeds sweet candor. The authenticity of the spirit should only be the matter of a well-written missive. 
  • Write down the qualities of the love of your life. What makes you fall in love with the person? Does your world stop every time you think of him or her? How? Describe it. “I saw you at the office cafeteria and already I knew I would love to have the opportunity to break bread with you—to know you, to celebrate the day with you.” If it’s the physical attributes of the person that have made you smitten, write them in your love letter. Be able to describe his or her gaze. 
  • Profuse your letter with love. There’s no stopping to say “I love you” in your letter but please know that there are a thousand and one ways to say it. “Thank you for making sure I’ll be home safe and sound.” Gratitude is love. And a written gratitude is a tangible receipt of love.
  • Write a letter for no reason or occasion. That’s the beauty of love—it’s spontaneous. True feelings are unrehearsed. And in the age of everything instant, a handwritten love letter is worth more than gold. It spells effort, which is energy and determination combined. 
  • Seal the love letter with gentle affection and steadfast affirmation. Use terms of endearment, which only your heart and his/hers comprehend. Unique expressions of love keep your feelings in a solid balance. 
  • Fall in love. Again and again. And say it in a love letter.