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Pinoy dads are so protective of their daughters. Here’s how to win them over—in their own words

By PhilSTAR L!fe Published Jun 16, 2021 8:11 pm Updated Jun 16, 2021 10:55 pm

They say that for a father, no boyfriend is good enough for his daughter. It’s a theme explored in comedy films—and some serious drama too.

Didn’t we all laugh at how Ben Stiller was so intimidated by Robert De Niro in Meet the Parents that he got himself into such ridiculous situations that made the embarrassment even worse; or shed a little tear at Steve Martin and Kimberly Williams’ relationship transformed from dad-and-little-girl to his finally letting go in Father of the Bride?

Let’s face it: a father will dislike his daughter’s boyfriend no matter what. The boyfriend can be a lawyer, unemployed, doctor, musician, too young, too old, rich, poor, too tall, too short—it’s all the same for a father. Not good enough. At least initially.

That’s because most fathers tend to be overprotective of their daughters, sometimes even to a fault—especially Filipino fathers.

So, is there a secret sauce to help loosen them up? We asked some celebrity fathers on the qualities they’re looking for in their daughters’ suitors or boyfriends.

Below, straight from their hearts, are their revealing answers that reflect the kind of love every father has for his daughter—that no one else can ever duplicate. 

Richard Yap

Richard Yap and daughter Ashley Sandrine Yap

First of all, I think it is every father’s role to protect his daughter. So I guess it’s not only me but other fathers as well who will look for someone that’s well-bred and has a good moral character—meaning they are proper and should know the basic GMRC (good manners, right conduct). He should know how to work hard and have an ambition or a goal in life so that he can provide for the family and, lastly, he should be able to love and take care of my daughter like we do.

Anthony Pangilinan

Anthony Pangilinan and daughter Hannah Kathleen Pangilinan

I think we all look for what we “aspire to be!” Which can be a big pressure on every possible suitor! But I think it's a good thing, for as long as we dads continue in our own journey to better ourselves over time. The problem is when we put a high standard that we do pursue ourselves. Then both the suitors and our daughters avoid us! But when we co-journey with them, it’s magic.

Senator Kiko Pangilinan

Kiko Pangilinan and daughter Frankie “Kakie” Pangilinan

He (should be) God-fearing, loves, respects and values his parents and family.

Janno Gibbs

Janno Gibbs and daughter Gabriella “Gabs” Gibbs

Looking for someone who makes my daughters smile, treats them with respect and definitely looks as handsome as I am.

Photos from the dads’ Instagram accounts: @iamrichardyap, @anthonypangilinan, @kiko.pangilinan, @jannolategibbs