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A cyclist’s checklist

By May Dedicatoria Published Oct 13, 2020 8:56 pm

Road cycling enthusiasts are a few of the lucky ones relatively not affected by the pandemic. Truth is, many adults were forced to learn to ride a bike just to be able to get from point A to point B at a time when public transport was scarce.

For these people, cycling is more than a transportation device during the quarantine. It has become a daily source of sanity as they sweat out their worries about the future, soaking in the beauty of nature that many have been yearning to see once again.

For the old and new riders who love to “go out” but are still scared to interact with people and visit physical stores, it’s a breeze to upgrade your cycling gear through Lazada. Here’s a list of road must-haves for all bicycle lovers out there.

Prepare head on

Lixada Bike Helmet

Scared to try on the helmets in the mall? Complete your gear with Lixada’s lightweight bicycle helmet that’s on sale this October. If you’re not pleased with the product though, you can always return it via LBC; no questions asked.

Full-finger, half, mitts?


Wondering if the famous Davilan and Nuvali Trails in the South are now open? While you wait until COVID-19 is over, complete your gear and grab those nice mountain bike gloves from ROCKBROS. Don’t forget the essential hand signals.

Roll down the sleeves

ROCKBROS Arm Sleeves

Whether for biking or nature-hiking in the future, arm sleeves are your best bet under the hot weather. They protect the wearer from harmful rays while keeping them cool and dry because of the fabric’s moisture-wicking properties.

Multipurpose mask

IDOGEAR TMC Tactical Balaclava

In pre-pandemic time, dust-proof balaclava provided protection from cold, wind, dust and UV rays. Now, add a layer of surgical mask underneath and you’re good to go. IDOGEAR’s TMC tactical balaclava offers great designs which explain why bespoke face-to-neck masks in military designs are in.

Keep the lights on


Who doesn’t need that tiny but helpful tail light at night? Just as important as all the health and safety protocols nowadays is to let all passing vehicles know that you’re there on the same road, on a bike.

Minimalist style

ROCKBROS Top Front Tube

Bikers become minimalists when having rides, and what better way to store their stuff — including the mini pump — than in an ergonomically designed, water-resistant top tube bag. ROCKBROS features removable straps that securely holds the bag in position.

Banner photo from Pexels/Pixabay

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