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Lang Leav amused, not offended by Pinoy netizen's 'jobless' tweet

By PhilSTAR L!fe Published Nov 20, 2020 7:15 pm

After being the subject of Twitterverse's witticisms on Thursday, famed poet Lang Leav proved that she is, above all, a good sport.

Leav landed on the tenth spot of Twitter Philippines' trending list that day after netizens reacted to her reply to a Pinoy netizen's joke online.

The netizen, who goes by the username @call_me_jas0n, posted a screenshot of a message he received from a Lazada courier. The message read:

"Good day! This is

From Lazada

We would like to inform you

That your parcel

Will be delivered


Thank you"

Noticing how it was typed as pseudo-poetry, the netizen jokingly captioned the photo, "Lang Leav found jobless."

Leav then replied, "Lang Leav found jobless after selling millions of books [smiley face with halo emoji"

Netizens assumed that Leav was being defensive, that one of them tweeted, "Gerl, joke kasi 'yun. Nakatira ka ba a kuweba?"

.Another netizen tweeted, "Lang Humor."

Some pointed how it seems that the writer couldn't take a joke despite selling millions of books worldwide.

Later that day, Leav shared an article about the mix-up, impelling one netizen to take it all upon herself. "Ms. Lang Leav, I'm so sorry about how Filipinos can be so complicated and how our local 'showbiz media' sensationalizes things. I don't ask for your understanding because there is no excuse for this behavior, but I do want to ask for forgiveness," the netizen wrote.

Leav, on the other hand, clarified that she's totally cool with it. "Nothing to forgive! I love how extra your culture is. It's so quirky and awesome. The world loves you. [heart emoji]"

Leav's huge following in the Philippines has led her to visit the country at least four times for book tours.

The best-selling author seems to love her Pinoy fans a lot, so much so that she asked her followers to donate to the relief operations of Philippine Red Cross after the onslaught of typhoon Ulysses.

Leav tweeted on November 15, "I am deeply saddened to see the devastation caused by the impact of Typhoon Ulysses. I have visited the Philippines on many occasions and each time, I've been shown such warmth and kindness. If you're in a position to help, please do..."

Banner image from @langleav on Instagram.