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Bride-to-be wants to disinvite sister over revealing bridesmaid dress

By NICK GARCIA Published Oct 20, 2023 3:01 pm Updated Oct 20, 2023 7:04 pm

A bride reportedly threatened to disinvite her sister from her wedding after finding out about the latter's style choice.

The bride, who is getting married in February 2024, shared her dilemma in a Reddit post under the subreddit "Am I That A**hole." She said her sister intends to wear "a slit up to her waist and her back and chest are barely covered" during the February 2024 wedding. The sister would supposedly have no bra or panties.

The bride said she usually doesn't mind her 28-year-old sister dressing "skimpily" because they were raised "in a liberal home," but she doesn't want that during her wedding.

"I'm uncomfortable with her being around other people, especially around my fiancé and his family looking like that," she wrote.

The bride, however, said their parents "see nothing wrong" with her sister's outfit. This prompted her to give an ultimatum, much to their parents' disapproval.

"I told her if she doesn't find a different more decent dress, then she is no longer one of the bridesmaids and she's not invited to my wedding anymore," she said.

The sister felt it was an unfair move since she has "no right to control what people wear," after all, she let her bridesmaids have the liberty to choose their own designs as long as they "stuck to the colors [she] gave."

"I don't want my sister flashing my guests but she called me an AH when [I] disinvited her," the bride added.

According to the post, the parents and the sister haven't talked to her since.

"My fiancé said he has no opinion on it," the bride said, "and would go with what I decided."

The post, which now has 13.3k upvotes and 4.1k comments, has gained various reactions from users, mostly supporting her decision.

"OP, put your foot down that your sister will not be dressing like she is going to [an] MTV music awards show-or she will not be in your wedding. Because you are the damn bride, and in this case[,] you can control what your bridal party- and even guests-wear," a Reddit user said.

"Sister's dress sounds inappropriate (or at minimum stylistically clashing) for the occasion. Especially for someone in the party. I don't think OP is being unreasonable here, but sister and parents sure are," another one wrote.