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A Chinese married woman is exposed after she cons 18 men into marriage, scams $300k (around P16M) out of them

By Mia Fulache Published Aug 11, 2022 8:04 pm Updated Aug 11, 2022 8:35 pm

While some of us are struggling to find a beau, this woman had been dating 18 men at the same time.

A 29-year-old married Chinese woman, surnamed Wu, began a marriage scam in 2017 where she dated nearly 20 men at the same time and even tricked them for money amounting to $300,000 (around P16M), South China Morning Post reported. 

Wu’s initial modus was to catch the men in a spellbound going as far as taking them in a photo studio to have their pre-wedding pictures taken.

She would then borrow money from these men, and tell different lies—all linked to an adversity of a family member or relative. Some of these reasoning include her ill father, brother’s apartment rent, and a cousin needing to pose for bail. 

Wu’s modus began to unravel when some of the men she dated became suspicious after she delayed to register their marriage and refused to repay them. Threatened to be reported to law enforcement, Wu developed a new strategy where she would ask her new boyfriends for money to repay those she owed.

Wu later then reached out to one of her boyfriends, Wang, to pretend to be her brother and cut ties with a former lover, Li, who lent Wu the money from his remaining estate which he was forced to sell for a lesser rate. 

As distrust grew, Wang gave Wu an ultimatum for their parents to meet and plan their wedding. If not, he would have to call it quits and she would have to give back his $150,000 as soon as possible. However, Wu failed to comply prompting Wang to ask help from authorities. 

Shanghai police came to arrest her in her home where she lives with her husband Zeng, whom she legally married in 2014 and shares a two-year-old son with. However, Wu gave the police a different narrative. She claimed that she is a single woman whose main occupation is a fashion model, and that she has several suitors who she agreed to date in order to fund her lifestyle and in a way use the money to assist her family.