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LOOK: Super Pink Moon in spectacular photos from around the world

By Tanya Lara Published Apr 28, 2021 2:22 pm

Did you catch it?

The Super Pink Moon last night, April 27 (late April 26 in the US), was as spectacular as astronomers promised—if you were in the right place and at the right time.

It loomed over familiar landmarks—a pale orange in some places, a fiery red in others; white in Manila and an ethereal hangng presence over Manhattan.

Super Pink Moon over Manhattan, New York.  Photo by Angela Weiss/AFP
Basra, Iraq. Photo by Hussein Faleh/AFP

According to NASA Science, last night’s Super Pink Moon is also called the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and among coastal tribes of North America, the Fish Moon.

“In the 1930s the Maine Farmer's Almanac began publishing American Indian Moon names for the months of the year. According to this almanac, as the full Moon in April, this is the Pink Moon, named after the herb moss pink, also known as creeping phlox, moss phlox, or mountain phlox. The plant is native to the eastern United States and is one of the earliest widespread flowers of spring.”

Caracas, Venezuela. Photo by Federico Parra/AFP
London, UK.  Photo by Justin Tallis/AFP 

A term coined by Richard Nolle in 1979, “supermoon” refers to either a new or full Moon that occurs when the Moon “is within 90% of perigee, its closest approach to Earth. Since we can't see a new Moon (except when it passes in front of the Sun), what has caught the public's attention in recent decades are full supermoons, as these are the biggest and brightest full Moons for the year.”

Havana, Cuba.  Photo by Yamil Lage/AFP
Wolxheim, France.  Photo by Patrick Hertzog/AFP

We can expect two more Super Moons this year: May 26 for the “Super Flower Moon” and June 24 for the “Super Strawberry Moon.”

The former’s name is attributed to the Algonquin people and also to the month of  May being the a time of flowers. The latter, also from the Algonquin tribes, refers to the season for harvesting strawberries in the north-eastern United States.

Lorient, France.  Photo by Loic Venance/AFP
Manila, Philippines.  Photo by Kriz-John Rosales/Philippine Star
Dubai, UAE. Photo by Guiseppe Cacace/AFP

In astrology, it’s believed that a supermoon amplifies the astrological traits of your zodiac sign. In water signs, for instance, “the emotional intensity is heightened.” Full moons are also believed to open minds and bring clarity.

Get your howl on for the next one. It’s bound to be a good show too. 

Netanya, Israel.  Photo by Jack Guez/AFP
Southern California.  Photo by David McNew/AFP