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How hoomans keep their doggos cool for the summer

By KATHY MORAN, The Philippine STAR Published May 30, 2021 5:00 am

Your favorite pair of flip-flops and shorts have been cycled back to your wardrobe; you have a sudden craving for any iced beverage or ice cream and with every passing day it seems to be getting hotter.

Just last week the heat index was 41°C. We know, because of COVID-19, that we need to have a temp below 38 degrees. So it is boiling.

But in the Philippines, all this heat equals one magnificent thing: It’s summertime!

And although the country has recently opened a few more doors to travel with our GCQ, most of us still stay home and make summer a cool time where we are.

I live with pets, and I noticed that they like hanging in front of the electric fans and lying where the A/C air hits when it is on — they need to stay cool, too.

And, all good pet parents know that in spite of the humidity, summer is a fun time with our fur kids, who keep us healthy and happy.

I asked a few celebrity pet lovers how they stay cool in the sweltering heat with their fur babies and here’s what they have to say:

Berna Romulo-Puyat

  Tourism Secretary Berna Puyat and Biggie

Biggie loves her “pupsicles,” but has been asking for two pupsicles a day because of the heat. She loves the pumpkin-banana, banana-peanut butter and watermelon-coconut flavors. Sometimes we just give her ice cubes because too many pupsicles might make her gain weight again! Sayang ang bikini body she worked so hard to achieve.

She has also been taking more baths lately.

And, as much as I wanted to bring her to the beach or to Baguio during the summer, IATF prohibited non-essential travel or leisure from NCR+ when cases started to rise because of the new variants. So for now, her bikini body has to wait.

Dr. Aivee and Dr. Z Teo

Dr. Z Teo with Giant Poodle Oslo and Dr. Aivee Teo with Berlin

Over the summer, my family and I stay inside most of the time in air conditioning with our dogs to keep them cool. Since they’re relatively large and furry dogs, they usually don’t stay outdoors long. We give them treats to keep them entertained, and they also swim with the kids from time to time in our family pool.

Ever since the pandemic struck, we got the chance to travel a few times to cooler places in the Philippines like Baguio with our dogs, so they have the experience of staying in a cooler climate.

Our dogs are like our fur kids and our children’s best friends, so we really try our best to help them feel as comfortable as possible over the summer. We take them on short walks and as soon as that is over, we bring them inside to have some ice popsicles, hydrate, and cool down by the pool.

Steven Tan

  Steven Tan and Chloe at Antonio’s Tagaytay

I have a Toy Poodle named Chloe and she has soft, wavy silver-gray hair. I make sure Chloe gets regular grooming, especially with this summer’s heat.  To keep cool she drinks cold water, plants herself in front of the fan and when it gets really scorching, we turn on the A/C.

Lately Chloe has taken a liking to boiled liver bits. As much as possible we want the treats to be human-grade, organic, and free-range.

Last weekend we took Chloe to Antonio’s in Tagaytay. The colder climate was a welcome respite and she enjoyed running around the gardens. Afterwards she sat beside me and took some bits of my lamb entrée.

Chloe is also a regular at the Paw Parks in SM Malls. She has visited the ones in SM Aura, The Podium, SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia. We have our bonding time at the Paw Park and she gets to socialize with other doggos.

Tweetie De Leon Gonzalez

  Tweetie de Leon Gonzalez swims with Simba.

The summer heat is always a challenge for our dogs, especially Simba. I see him panting and lethargic each day and he constantly looks for air-conditioned rooms to stay in. Of course, their bowls are always filled with water for hydration.

Swimming wasn’t one of his preferred activities as Chows aren’t natural swimmers — it is always a struggle to get him into the pool. But this heat must be so unbearable for him that he finally conceded to soaking in the pool water.

Here he is, propped on a floater, looking quite content and happy, lounging and napping alternately. Not in photo is the family fawning over him, celebrating his newfound pastime, jostling for a portrait.

Tim Yap

  Tim Yap spends summer days with  Pomeranians Babushka, Gigi and Panda.

I keep my pets cool this summer by surrounding them with plants. Lately I have been hit by the plantito bug and I have plenty of time devoted to growing our garden. They happily watch me talk to the greens (and to them!) as the plants grow — giving them good oxygen to keep them cool.  If not, the aircon indoors always does the trick. 

I try to make my pets not be so treat-dependent.  I like to believe that words of encouragement, touch, spending time with them and letting them know how much they are loved are more than enough. And yes, they also love pupsicles in this heat. 

Due to ECQ seasons 1 and 2, they have been staying home. Home is where the aircon is, and I am considerate enough to put it on 24/7 for them. 

I also set up a DIY pool and a Bestway Jacuzzi right outside my home office. I take them on one-on-one dates where Panda, Gigi and Babushka take turns taking a dip. 

I love watching them so behaved while being groomed —makes me so proud that we (our entire household) raised such good pets!