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10 fun things to do at Robinsons Metro East’s newest East Deck Outdoor Lifestyle Hub

Published Jul 18, 2021 5:50 am

If there are a few things that we learned during the pandemic, it's that we got to keep fit, stay active, and have some fun with our family as much as we can. We did yoga inside our rooms, walked a few blocks in our neighborhood, or rode our bikes just to stretch our legs after months of being cooped up at home.

If you're looking for a change of pace, Robinsons Metro East recently opened a one-stop outdoor lifestyle hub called East Deck at the mall's sixth-floor roof deck. It's open to everyone for free from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

East Deck used to be a sprawling 5,327.88 square meters of parking area with up to 144 slots for cars. Now, the outdoor space is an expansive playground where bikers, skaters, RC racers, and fitness enthusiasts can do their routines and other activities without having to deal with passing cars or risk being stuck in an enclosed space. You also get to enjoy a view of Antipolo’s hilly terrain and the cold breeze coming from the mountainside. Plus, you can bring your furbabies, too.

Here are 10 things you can do at East Deck Outdoor Lifestyle Hub:

Go jogging
  Jogging has never been this fun! 

East Deck has a dedicated lane for joggers. One full lap is at 176 meters with markings every 30 meters so you can monitor your progress. Don't forget to wear your running shoes for your cardio workout.

Complete your 10,000 steps

 Located at the 6th Floor of Robinsons Metroeast, East Deck is an expansive playground for you to do your fitness routine and outdoor activities. Open daily from 6am-10pm.

Side-by-side the jogging lane is a special path for those who just want to do some brisk walking. You don’t even have to worry about runners in your way. 

Try kart drifting 

 Enjoy a little outdoor adventure at the East Deck with Kart Drifting, in partnership with Driftito Academy. Rent a kart for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. They offer free tutorial too!

East Deck also offers Crazy Cart in partnership with Driftito Academy. Twelve go-karts are available for rent. Plus, the tutorial is for free so you can enjoy drifting with your buddies. They're also the first to offer kart drifting in the east side of Metro Manila.

Learn how to ride a bike
Learn how to ride a bike with National Bicycle Organization.

More and more people are now rediscovering the wonders of riding a bicycle from one place to another, especially with current restrictions in public transportation. If you have yet to learn how to ride one, National Bicycle Organization offers biking lessons at Robinsons Metro East's East Deck every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Fee is at P300 per student for two hours, inclusive of bike rental. You can also just rent a bike minus the lessons for P200.

Race to the finish line with an RC car
 Enjoy operating your RC car with a mini off-road trail. All these things you can enjoy here at the East Deck.

While you can't go on a 4WD adventure in the middle of the city, moreso on a roof deck, Manila 4x4 Scale RC lets you control a small car on a mini off-road trail. The 400-member-strong group also offers free tutorials and demo, too.

Play with your pets
  Play with your pets

Treat your dogs to a fun day out at East Deck's Pet Park. The fenced area has ramps, stairs, and other obstacles where your furbabies can test their agility and run around with their fellow furry friends.

Enjoy skating

 East Deck is a haven for skaters! There’s plenty of space to move around and hone your skills. Since area is safe and secured, there’s no need to worry about passing cars and uneven spaces.

Coast around with your rollerblades, roller skates, or your skateboard at East Deck. There's plenty of open space where you can play safely.

Mix and match some workout routines

The workout at East Deck starts as soon as you step into Metro East's ground floor. You can take the stairs and go up a flight of 115 steps to warm up. Once you reach the roofdeck, there are various exercise routine posters to guide you through fun activities.

Join a Zumba session or dance off
Invite your workout buddy along and complete your fitness goals while enjoying the cold, East Deck Breeze and the view of the Antipolo’s hilly terrain.

With ample space, there's no stopping anyone from coming together with your friends to practice a dance routine, do some yoga, or even start a Zumba session.

Eat and hang out after a fun yet tiring day

 Buy from any of your favorite restaurants at Robinsons Metroeast and bring them up at the East Deck to catch the sunset!  Dine Al Fresco with friends and family while enjoying the evening, city view.

It may sound counterintuitive, but a full-day workout deserves a treat. All you have to do is check out Robinsons Metro East’s many food establishments where you can dine and hang out with your friends. You can also shop for a new set of workout clothes, completing your lifestyle mall experience.

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Editor's Note: This article was provided by Robinson.