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5 organization tips from Kathryn Bernardo's pretty kitchen makeover

By JUSTINE PUNZALAN Published Nov 30, 2020 8:07 am Updated Nov 30, 2020 9:04 am

Kathryn Bernardo just renovated their family's kitchen, and it's sure to win the hearts of the kitchen neat freaks in all of us.

The spacious cooking area features an all-white interior from the cabinets and drawers to its marbled walls and countertops. Wooden accessories were used to match the space's classy contemporary vibe.

Adding more flair is the sleek black-and-white refectory table at the center, which doubles as a cabinet for the family's cooking utensils.

Kathryn Bernardo's newly renovated kitchen is class and functionality. Photo: Screenshot from Kathryn Bernardo on YouTube.

But the design is just half of what makes Kathryn's kitchen enviable.

In her YouTube vlog uploaded on November 28, the Kapamilya star gave a tour of her kitchen, which she renovated with the help of Issa Reyes, one of the go-to professional home organizers of local celebrities.

Issa incorporated functionality into Kathryn's pretty cookery with drawers and modern cabinets that store the family's kitchen tools systematically by type, size, and even color.

Here are some tips Issa shared on Kathryn's vlog that would inspire you to revamp your kitchen as a more pleasant and practical space to work in every day.

Tip #1: Segregate your kitchen tools and appliances by functionality.

Issa began the renovation of Kathryn's cookery into four parts—storage for dining room equipment, baking area, wash area, and pantry—as it would make it easy for anyone to finish their tasks fast.

Issa gave setting up the dining table as an example. "Ibig sabihin kapag magse-set up ka ng table, ito lang 'yung mga cabinets na bubuksan mo," she said.

Kathryn stores her coffee and teacups in a cabinet right above her coffee maker. Photo: Screenshot from Kathryn Bernardo on YouTube.

She added, "Efficiency is really important, so you have to know paano ka ba kumikilos sa kitchen everyday. You have to consider na you have an efficient flow of things when you move around, when you cook, when you set the table. Hindi ka masyadong ikot ng ikot para hindi ka nahihilo… para mas-minimial 'yung movement mo in the kitchen."

Tip #2: Put your everyday tools within your "active area."

Issa describes "active area" as the parts of your body from the waist down and "as far as your hands can reach." Putting the tools you regularly use within this area would add ease to your workflow in the kitchen.

Issa placed the Bernardos' pans and pots in a lift-up cabinet within Kathryn's reach. Photo: Screenshot from Kathryn Bernardo on Youtube.

"Make sure 'yung active area ninyo, 'yung mga nakstore doon 'yung madalas niyong ginagamit," Issa said. "If kung ano-ano lang ilalagay mo sa active area then chances are, 'yung mga essentials mo, iyon 'yung mga nasa hard-to-reach areas."

Tip #3: Arrange your everyday tools by type, size, or color.

After identifying which tools should be placed within your active area, Issa recommends grouping them further by type, size, or color inside your cabinets and drawers.

Issa did the same for Kathryn's kitchen by assigning specific drawers for each type of kitchen tools, such as utensils, plates, glasses, and even placemats. Pans were arranged according to size in separate cabinets. Dry bottled ingredients were likewise separated from the liquids.

To make the arrangement of Kathryn's tools more aesthetic, Issa sorted the family's collection of serving dishes by color.

Sorting your tools by color makes your cabinets pleasing to the eye, according to Issa.   Photo: Screenshot from Kathryn Bernardo on YouTube.

Issa elaborates, "Madami kang ganyan, like colorful serving bowls, so what I did lang is I actually spread it out in the kitchen given that we don’t want naman na baguhin 'yung kitchen mo. But this one, what I made sure lang is your color palette so that when you open the cabinet, it’s easy on the eyes para hindi siya masakit sa mata kasi iba-iba 'yung nangyayari."

Kathryn's baking tools are now neatly arranged, thanks to these drawer organizers. Photo: Screenshot from Kathryn Bernardo on YouTube.
Tip #4: Maximize storage spaces with organizers and pull-out mechanisms

Like many people, Kathryn developed a love for baking during the quarantine. The celebrity hobby baker found it helpful that Issa laid out her tools inside drawer organizers.

Kathryn said, "It’s really nice kasi dati, nakalagay lang lahat ito dito [drawer]. So doon ko nakita na you really have to invest in organizers. May konting space, hindi sila halo-halo."

"Especially with baking, Kath, parang ang dami-dami mong ginagamit na tools," Issa added. "And if it’s really halo-halo parang it’s kinda hard lalo na you need precision, so isang mawala lang na measuring spoon, mahirap na tantsahin. It’s going to mess up your baking."

The pull-out mechanism inside Kathryn's corner cabinet helps her get tools kept in hard-to-reach places. Photo: Screenshot from Kathryn Bernardo on YouTube.

Aside from your drawers, you can also maximize the spaces of your corner cabinets by putting pull-out organizers in them.

Issa explains, "Normally very tricky talaga when you have a corner shelf kasi mahihirapan ka kunin kung ano 'yung nasa loob. So thankfully you agreed (Kathryn) na we install a mechanism here where you can get the items that are far."

Kathryn seconded, "So I think that’s a good idea kasi usually we think na dead spot na pero now if we put a mechanism, parang ngayon may space pa so puwede pa magdagdag saka madali ko nang makukuha."

Watch the full video here: