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Jump rope is now a sport

By ANTHONY SUNTAY, The Philippine STAR Published Oct 05, 2020 5:00 pm

Isaac Jeremiah Delarmente, PJRA VP-Technical

Yes, you read that right. Amid all the chaos during this pandemic, people have been looking to find a sport that is easy to learn, gives them the maximum benefits — physically and cardio-wise — and more importantly, is allowed given all the quarantine restrictions. Jumping rope fits that bill perfectly.

Simply put, it involves letting the rope travel under the feet and above the head of an individual with efficiency and skill.

“Jump rope started as a training tool for athletes and as a playground activity, but it evolved into a sport when international organizations like the International Rope Skipping Federation (IRSF) and the World Jump Rope Federation (WJRF) started having championships. There hasn’t been a local competition here in the Philippines and we plan to create competitions based on the different formats for jump rope competitions that are focused on stunt-oriented moves and on speed efficiency, explains Philippine Jump Rope Association president Noel Agra.

There are different formats for jump rope competitions like the most number of single unders performed in 30 seconds, 180 seconds and the most unbroken triple unders in the near future. For the single unders, the athlete with the most number of single unders performed in the time duration will be the winner. For the triple unders, the most number of successful triple unders, without making a mistake, will be the winner.

It all starts with the proper jump rope for competition and for training. A speed rope will be used for competitions, while a weighted rope will be used in developing strength and speed control. Length of the rope, hand placement, wrist rotations and bouncing efficiently are the things needed for every jump roper and, like any sport, it will require a lot of time, dedication and consistency to be able to compete in an international level. We are blessed to have certified professional coaches and practitioners in the PJRA and we plan on recruiting coaches and athletes to take it to the next level,” adds Agra.

Arrion Zachary

Not surprisingly, during this pandemic, more people have gotten into jump rope.

Jump rope is a cardio tool that is affordable, accessible and convenient that anyone can use. And because of the pandemic, it was highlighted as one of the best ways to get in better shape and to lose body fat. We have seen many people use jump rope through our social media accounts and have included it as part of their lifestyle,” Agra says.

And the numbers will continue to rise.

“Jump rope has been a life-changing experience for me and I’m thankful to be working with people who believe that we can develop athletes in representing the country. It all starts with the love for jumping rope, besides having a lot of health benefits in burning calories, developing rhythm and coordination. It also increases bone density and develops cognitive functioning. There truly are more reasons to include jump rope as part of people’s lifestyle or sport,” Agra adds.

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