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Holiday gift ideas to make your personal space feel extra cozy

By Hannah Mallorca Published Dec 14, 2020 9:00 pm

We spent the majority of this year in the comfort of our own homes, and the Christmas season will be no different. Reunions, get-togethers and catch-ups are part of the past (for now) since we need to be safe.

For most of us, a typical day now starts and ends in the bedroom. It’s a personal space where we get our work done, rest after a tiring week, and do hobbies that spark joy.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect space. However, there’s a bedroom that suits our everyday routine and free time.

For this holiday season, why not give yourself or a loved one some essentials to level up the personal space?

A trusty cleaning device

Monarc Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Even if we’re mostly staying in our bedroom, the current work-from-home (WFH) setup is a busier time—losing precious time for ourselves.

However, it’s no excuse to keep your personal space clean. This robot vacuum cleaner from Monarc will get the job done as it targets even the nooks and crannies of your bedroom.

A calming scent

Blue Water Aroma Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser fills our personal space with a natural fragrance. It helps you unwind and relax after a stressful day. This aroma diffuser from Blue Water includes colorful lights to give you a much-needed break.

The Hotel Water Soluble Fragrance Oil in White Tea

Of course, a diffuser wouldn’t be complete without essential oil. This fragrance oil will give a luxurious feel to your personal space—making you feel like you’re in a hotel lobby. It’s a fragrant yet calming scent, and it’s not too strong for the senses.

An aesthetically-pleasing and fragrant candle

Bench Better Goods Scented Soy Candle

Scented candles have become a popular bedroom essential since the start of quarantine. You can see people sharing their love for soy wax candles on social media due to its comforting scent and calming vibe.

Liven up your space with this soy wax candle from Bench. It includes the following variants: blush life (rose, oakmoss and lily of the valley) and vanilla skies (with almond, cedarwood and vanilla).

A speaker for your favorite songs

Huac-Technology Bluetooth Retro Vinyl Record Player

Music affects our mood and focus. Some songs may make you feel heartbroken (even if you’re not) or give you kilig feels (even if you’re single).

It can be painful to wear earphones, AirPods or earbuds the whole day. As an alternative, this Bluetooth speaker will play your favorite songs, giving you all kinds of feels. It also adds a cute touch to your bedroom since it’s shaped like a vinyl record player.

An organizer that fits your everyday essentials

Thousand Ships Arcylic Rotating Makeup Organizer


Quarantine is not an excuse to leave your makeup and other personal-care essentials untidy. Now is the time to experiment with ways to organize your valuables.

This rotating makeup organizer from Thousand Ships will keep your makeup, skincare products and other essentials in order. Don’t be fooled by its acrylic design as it has enough storage space for your everyday needs.

An adorable addition to your bed

SmarTconn Store Milktea Stuffed Pillow

If you love cute stuffed toys and pillows, this milk tea pillow is a great addition to your bedroom.

This pillow is perfect if you’re a fan of milk tea and cute things. With its adorable look, it’s the perfect cuddle buddy, especially if you want to catch up on sleep.

A relaxing pillow for a good night’s sleep

Comfort Living King-Sized Memory Pillow

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a pillow that will help you cope with insomnia, this memory foam pillow is perfect for you.

This pillow cradles your head, neck and shoulders — a great help if you’re craving for a good night’s sleep. It also includes an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic bamboo cover.

A full-length mirror

Profiles Full Length Mirror

Sadly, we can’t show off our OOTDs since we’re stuck at home. But let’s be honest, a lot of us are shopping for new clothes to wear once the quarantine ends. This mirror from Profiles is perfect if you want to see your outfit in all its glory, or if you just want to feel yourself.

This full-length mirror is a great essential if you’re an owner of a small fashion business. It’s functional since you can showcase your clothes and it’s aesthetically pleasing, too.

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