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McDonald’s China launched a cilantro sundae—here’s a look at the fast food chain’s strange ice cream offerings around Asia

By Brooke Villanueva Published Feb 24, 2022 1:25 pm

Are you an adventurous foodie?

McDonald’s made the rounds online for the cilantro sundae it recently launched in China, which is a cup of its signature vanilla ice cream and green cilantro sauce finished off with cilantro leaves on top. According to social media users, it tastes more like mint and lime combined with some milky ice cream. While some found it completely normal, others were quick to call the new flavor “gross” and a “crime against humanity.” 

This isn’t the first time that the food brand introduced bizarre flavors in its dessert menu. Just last year, also at McDonald's China, it released a spicy chili oil sundae available for only one day. In this offering, the usual spicy chili oil that many enjoy with siomai and other savory dishes seals the deal with its equally thick and creamy vanilla base. 

There was also a limited-edition McFlurry in, yes, sea salt back in 2020 at McDonald's Malaysia. It looked really pretty and exciting, all thanks to its “shimmering blend of purple & blue sprinkles mixed with dreamy blue swirls of vanilla ice cream.” 

Last month, McDonald’s Thailand became a hot topic on Twitter with its chili paste pork ice cream sundae. Those who were able to try it said that the chili paste—which resembled the taste of Tom Yum—as well as the shredded pork floss surprisingly resulted in a perfectly balanced sweet, spicy, and salty flavor when they were mixed with vanilla ice cream. 

McDonald’s Philippines hasn’t gone to extremes when it comes to their ice cream, but they have also given fans quite an adventure. Aside from its buko pandan dip, the brand also launched brazo de Mercedes and ube pastillas sundae for Christmas with the taste and preference of Pinoys in mind.