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Goodbye, back pain! Here's a guide to choosing the perfect home office chair

By Hannah Mallorca Published Jan 27, 2021 11:26 pm

Sitting for eight hours (or more) while working from home is no joke. It can be exhausting. This is why having an office chair that’s comfortable and provides body support is important. 

A good chair also sets the tone for your home office. Here are some tips on how to find the WFH chair that's perfect for you.

Full support for your back and arms

Our Home Halford Office Chair (P9,065)

A chair with a full backrest and armrest can correct your posture and prevent discomfort. Find an ergonomic chair to improve your productivity. This also lessens the chances of experiencing back pain and other conditions in the future.

Finding a chair with good back and arm support is also essential to minimize strain on your spine and lower limbs. 

Easy movement is key

Of course, you’re not going to be working at your desk the whole day. So, you should find a chair that helps you move around. 

Urban Concepts France Ergonomic Chair (P6,500)

A chair with five casters and a pedestal base firmly supports your back and lower limbs. Make sure it’s designed for your floor type so you can easily glide in your work area.

Prioritize easy adjustment

The more adjustable an office chair is, the more you can personalize it to support your body and suit your everyday needs. A chair that forces you to move your body in different directions is a pain, literally.

Our Home Sue II MB Office Chair (P6,995)

Look for a chair with an adjustable height, backrest and armrest. You can also look for a chair that comes with an option to tilt forward and backward. 

Choose a breathable material

Aside from aesthetics, a mesh chair lets your body breathe even if you’ve been sitting the whole day. This is especially a must for us living in a tropical country.

Office Warehouse Executive Chair HT-7039AX Mesh High Back Black (P7,995)

A chair with breathable fabric protects your body from sweat and discomfort due to trapped airflow. 

Consider a waterfall seat design

The term “waterfall seat design” comes from chairs having a rounded front edge with a slightly downward sloped shape. This helps you maintain your posture and increase support on your lower limbs. 

Our Home Hallegan Office Chair (P11,655)

A chair with a waterfall seat design also distributes your weight more evenly, which makes sitting more comfortable. 

Check for the right depth and width

Crate & Barrel Don Upholstered Office Chair (P29,990)

Ideally, your office chair should be wide and deep enough to help you sit comfortably. If you’re short, find a chair with a shallow surface. When you’re taller, choose one with a deeper surface. Make sure you can sit on a chair with your back against the backrest as well.

Finding the right home office essentials is a must these days. For more WFH tips, visit SM Shopmag.


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