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When your fur mom is a sporty fashion icon

By KATHY MORAN, The Philippine STAR Published Jul 16, 2022 5:00 am

Did you know that Cecile “Chuvaness” Zamora is mom to Anwar, an eight-year-old Golden Pomeranian? And, although she only occasionally shares IG posts on Anwar because she likes his privacy, the two of them are “close.” Proof positive of this is the photo of a smiling Anwar on her bed.

“He is naughty,” she shares.

I visited Anwar when he first came to the Zamora household. I took Vodka, my Bichon, to meet Anwar at the time.

I wanted to find out more about Anwar and check out if he is also into sporty fashion. 

Twinning: Cecile “Chuvaness” Zamora in Balenciaga x Adidas. Anwar in his LA Barker shirt.

PHILIPPINE STAR: Did you always have a dog? If not, why did you decide to get one?

CECILE ZAMORA: Yes, I had some dogs that died already. Wasn’t planning to get another one, but my son begged for one when he was 12 and I couldn’t say no.

How did you pick the breed of dog? Why did you get a male dog? Is it because all your kids are boys?

We went to Tiendesitas, not really knowing what we wanted. I wanted to choose by feel or by chance. We saw a cute little dog being groomed and found out there was a sibling. We went to the pet shop next door and found Anwar. He was the only Golden Pomeranian in the litter; his siblings had darker fur. So he was the one and he was the cutest.

He doesn’t like toys and accessories. I guess he’s kind of low-maintenance, except a trip to the groomer once a week.

Do you consider Anwar your youngest child?

No, because his personality is not a youngest child. So, Chris is still the youngest at 14.

How did you pick the name Anwar? 

I just like the name Anwar. It means “luminous” in Arabic. I like Arabic names like Karim, which means “honorable.”

Have you spent more time with Anwar during the pandemic?

In the beginning, yes. I spent a lot of time in bed with Anwar, wondering if we were living in the Apocalypse.

Got a gig: Anwar in a Hawaiian shirt (in vogue for DJs in the ‘80s)

Anwar likes to eat Vitabone, so I would go to S&R at the height of the pandemic to hoard. It never stopped me from buying groceries. I just had to. That was before the supermarkets went on Metromart.

Soon after, I discovered online workouts and got obsessed. Then I started to walk around the village and developed a new routine. So less time to lie down with Anwar.

You are very fashionable. Have you shared fashion tips or accessory choices with Anwar?

I like streetwear, so I prefer Anwar in streetwear. I like (the brand) Petements, but haven’t bought anything for Anwar fashion-wise, lately.

Prayers work: An artwork by Ana Zamora of Chuvaness and Anwar

Do you buy clothes or fashion accessories for Anwar? I have been looking online at the other collections from Adidas as I love all things sporty.

I’m sporty, too!

Have you seen the latest Gucci pet collection? Do you like it?

The Gucci collection looks so expensive. I like Gucci but have only a few pieces, like bags, because the clothes are built for tall people, which I am not.

What would you get from Gucci for Anwar, if you could?

The pet harness is so chic. I like.

What kind of accessories do you like to get for Anwar? Collars and leashes, beds, clothes — others?

We got a body harness, suggested by his ninang Kathy. He doesn’t like toys and accessories. I guess he’s kind of low-maintenance, except a trip to the groomer once a week.

Do you include Anwar in your social media posts?

Anwar appears on my IG stories only sometimes.

What kind of apparel do you prefer?

Sporty, because we are both sporty.