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Thanks, Dad

Niño and Niana Guerrero share how they have each other's back with ‘Questions I’ve Never Asked My Dad’

By Hannah Mallorca Published Jun 20, 2021 6:23 pm Updated Jun 21, 2021 9:53 pm

Niana Guerrero is one of the youngest rising stars on YouTube today with 13.7 million subscribers on her channel. Aside from her day-in-the-life and prank vlogs, it’s hard to not pay attention to her jaw-dropping dance skills. Yet despite her fame, she is still the baby of her father Niño.

Watching Niana and Niño get ready for an interview with PhilSTAR L!fe was a fun and heartwarming sight. You can feel their infectious energy, even through Zoom, as they cracked jokes with one another and talked about their day. 

A father is known as the family’s source of strength. While you can’t deny Niño’s self-assurance as a dad, you can also feel that he’s the type of person that boosts Niana’s confidence and self-esteem. 

It’s tough to be yourself around your dad, especially with the generation gap. But seeing Niana and Niño is something that’s worth admiring for fathers and children alike.

Niño Guerrero and daughter Niana
I need to hustle up and work harder so that I can give you a good future.

Niana: Okay, Dad. First question, how did you feel when you saw me for the first time? 

Niño: Mixed feelings, because I was excited and at the same time nervous. I was excited to see you and excited to have you already. 

But at the same time, nervous because I needed to hustle up and work harder so that I could give you a good future.

Niana: Next, when do you feel closest to me? 

Niño: Lagi naman tayong close eh. Pero, I guess kasi before the pandemic we would always go to the mall. We used to have daddy-daughter day. We would go out and watch movies and just bond. 

But now, since we are in the pandemic, mas naging close pa [kami] kasi siya parati kasama ko sa house. So, yeah. 

Niana and Niño being goofy together.
Niana: Next, what is your favorite memory of us? 

Niño: Favorite memory… a lot, noh? I guess when we travel, like when we went to Disneyland for the first time. I think that was the most memorable.

Niana: One of them.

Niño: Yeah, one of them.

Niana: The next question is, in what ways am I most like you? 

Niño: I guess we both like music. So, I used to be a DJ, a bedroom DJ, and…

Niana: Also at parties, right?

Niño: Yeah, I used to [DJ] at parties and I guess we both like music and I kind of danced a little before.

Niana: So, music!

Niño: This is the answer!

Niana: Yeah, you know where I got it from. Joke!
The hardest thing din about being a dad is when I see you guys grow, na hindi ko na kayo baby.

Niana: Okay, I’ve never asked you this. What is the hardest thing about being a dad? 

Niño: For me, I think it’s hard being a dad when I see my kids go through difficult times. 

I’m very careful with how I communicate with you and see kung paano ko kayo i-g-guide para malampasan niyo yung ganoon na feeling or experience. And also, the hardest thing din about being a dad is when I see you guys grow, na hindi ko na kayo baby. So, ayon.

The dynamic father-and-daughter duo
Niana: And next, when were you proudest of me? 

Niño: I guess when you guys, you and your siblings, collaborate and work on creating content. I guess I’m proud when you guys create content to make people happy.

Niana: Okay, the next question is, why do you love me? 

Niño: Hmm, bakit nga ba? (laughs) Siyempre, anak kita. Mahal kita, so I guess…

Niana: Period, that’s all (laughs).

Niño: Yes, period.

"I'm proud when you guys create content to make people happy."

Niana: Okay, this question is a customized question from me. Since I’m 15 right now, how were you like when you were 15? 

Niño: When I was 15? Well, I was medyo pasaway. I used to be a typical 15-year-old teenager who liked to go out before. Juvenile days, you know.

Niana: (laughs) Is that all that you can say?

Niño: Yeah. Pero I’m proud, you know? Kasi at your age, you’re very popular diba, pero you still remain to be humble. So, I’m proud in a way, kung pwede isama sa question mo kanina, na despite being popular, you still remain humble.

Niana and Niño immediately sent us a cute selfie after their interview.

The interview with Niana and Niño felt like an overdue catch-up session with friends that you haven’t seen in a long time. It was actually surprising to see how much time has passed since the Zoom meeting started.

As the interview came to an end, the father-and-daughter tandem continued to talk about how their day went. There was no hesitation between the two. It was clear that Niana and Niño are not just father and daughter, but they are also like close friends that have each other’s back at all times.

Article photos provided by Justin Vicencio