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TIPS: What should you wear when you're on a flight?

By Nechole Jayne Garcia Published Mar 31, 2024 3:07 pm

Bags packed and outfits secured? You may have prepared every OOTD you need for your much-awaited break when you land, but have you planned what you'll be wearing when you're up in the air?

While you may want to treat the airport like a catwalk and don your most stylish 'fits, it may not be the most comfortable thing to wear on a flight, especially if you'll take a couple of hours flying.

One trend that's being seen in airports as of late is wearing more layers to avoid excess baggage charges. While it may be a smart move, it's not the most comfortable as it can get too hot.

So what should you wear on the day of your flight? PhilSTAR L!fe has come up with a quick guide on airport 'fits do's and don'ts to help you ditch the discomfort and soar in style.

Don't wear your swimsuit or tight clothing

There’s travel time before the vacation. Getting to hit the beach again after so long is an exciting idea but remember that you'll be sitting for long hours at the airport first before reaching the destination. Refrain from wearing your beach outfits to avoid freezing in the air.

You should also avoid wearing too tight clothing like skinny jeans as the low pressure in cabins can cause bloating. When you're bloated, restrictive clothing can leave you feeling cramped.

Loose-fitting joggers, leggings, or a comfy maxi dress will be your best friends. Consider bringing a change of clothes if you know you'll be heading straight to a business meeting or fancy dinner upon arrival.  

Do wear more breathable fabrics

Heavy fabrics like denim jeans can trap heat, especially with unpredictable airplane temperatures. It's better to go with more breathable fabrics like cotton, wool, linen, or silk so you'll be more comfortable. Additionally, you should avoid wearing flammable ones like polyester and nylon to keep you safe from emergency situations.

Should it get too cold in the cabin, make sure you carry a jacket or sweater with you to keep cozy.

Don't accessorize too much

Less is more when flying. In case of an emergency, you would want to be able to move with ease in smaller spaces like the cabin. Avoid wearing long clothing that could trip you or any bulky accessories that may limit your movement and slow you down. 

Moreover, it's best to avoid accessories with metal in them like chunky belts with big buckles as it can slow you down at security checkpoints. Opt for belts with buckles made of other materials instead to make your passage through security faster.

Do wear comfy footwear

Airports and airplanes involve a lot of walking and navigating crowded terminals and cramped aisles so it's wisest to pack the high heels and wear comfy sneakers or flats that are easy to slip on and off.

You should also skip the sandals and flip-flops as they can easily slip off your feet. It can also get chilly during the flight, too, so anything that leaves your toes exposed might not be the best idea.

Don't wear too powerful perfume

Be mindful of your seatmates' noses! You'll be sitting next to at least one person on your flight so you shouldn't wear perfume and cologne with too powerful scents. Consider opting for a fragrance upon arrival or skip it altogether.

Remember, the airplane cabin is a different kind of runway. Dress for real-world comfort and not for the Instagram clout.