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Peculiar images

By Pepper Teehankee, The Philippine STAR Published Oct 14, 2020 5:00 pm

It’s interesting to witness how budding, talented artist Miller Laberinto thrives in the art scene. This 24-year-old’s shadowy and cryptic style surely stands apart from the current crowd of young modern visual artists in the Philippines.

I first noticed Miller’s work when I first saw his art piece exhibited in the Brave New World Project organized by Art Plus magazine. The multi-gallery show exhibited artworks in the time of COVID.  (The Brave New World book will be published soon.) The subject was an old man with light rays going into his eyes.  I was impressed by the brushwork, as well as his subject.

I was excited about his first solo virtual exhibit, entitled “Peculiar Images,” on DFAA Gallery’s virtual exhibition space through the Exhibit App. In fact, this is one of the art exhibits that adapted the digital platform to create a virtual gallery in the midst of the pandemic.

Artist Miller Laberinto
“Jester’s Gloves,” ”Jester’s Clothes”

Miller is one of the new additions to the roster of promising artists managed by Derek Flores of DF Art Agency. This young genius graduated Cum Laude with a Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Santo Tomas.

Miller’s distinct style is a composition of musical instruments and dark, mysterious, and strange vintage photographs. In the “Peculiar Images” exhibit, he showcased his fascination with old and strange-looking photographs while incorporating his iconic card-face characters in his seven-piece collection of oil paintings.

The “Peculiar Images” exhibition displays odd and eccentric illustrations and elements. Building on the mystery of the images, the artist constructed a different narrative for each piece through his composition, colors, and somewhat nostalgic art style.

“A Portrait of You with Her,” “A Portrait of You with Him”

Interestingly, I was puzzled by how each painting could be both captivating and haunting at the same time. And that mystery is what makes the viewer even more intrigued, curious, and mesmerized.

I look forward to seeing the growth of this artist, whom I have yet to meet, and hopefully, I can own one of his works one day.

* * * 

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