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Stay safe: Subtle yet effective self-defense weapons you can grab online

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Aug 22, 2022 4:05 pm Updated Aug 31, 2022 5:40 pm

It pays to be protected.

With news of alleged kidnappings being reported around the country nowadays, a number of people and especially young girls have been on the lookout for self-defense tools.

Though we all hope that violent means don't have to be utilized in order to stay safe, young women, in particular, need their own handy weapons when push comes to shove.

Do you already have your own self-defense tools? Here are some basic weapons that you can buy online.

Pepper spray

One of the key things to remember when practicing self-defense is distance. If an attacker is abound, one needs to immediately incapacitate them in whatever means. And for those that don't want violence, pepper spray usually does wonders.

Warframe Tactical, a local gear store, offers Sabre pepper sprays that can come in either keychains or belt clips for easy access. Sabre has long been known for their powerful and accurate pepper sprays. The spray goes for P1,200 with free shipping, as promised by their Facebook page. The store also offers a multitude of other tactical gear such as shoes and accessories.

Self Defense Philippines also offers a variety of Peace Personal Pepper Spray for P295, with an added discount if you buy two or more cans. They cater cash on delivery, meet-ups, and in-store pickups in their Manila and Pasig branches.

Another option is the Caloocan-based tactical shop, FHB Tactical. Aside from their pepper sprays, there are offer high-voltage tasers for P550.

Do keep in mind that tasers aren't the most subtle of self-defense weapons and taser owners must always be careful and responsible when in use. 

For a cheaper and brandless alternative, Shopee stores also offer this unassuming P299 pepper gel spray that comes with a keychain.

Self-defense keychains

Self-defense and art in the same form? It's possible. New local brand Sang'diwata offers self-defense keychains with intricate designs inspired by Philippine mythology. 

They currently have two designs: Mayarai, goddess of the moon; and Hanan, Goddess of the Morning. Both go for P299 each.

Each goddess is designed with sharp edges that you can grip your knuckles on for defending yourself. Not to mention their beautiful design is something you can easily hook on your bag without attackers realizing what it's for.

Another option is keychain sets that come with a variety entire self-defense tools. Pinkey Self-Defense keychains offer sets that come with the complete package of pepper spray, flashlight, anti-danger alarms, and a cat head keychain that serves as a subtle knuckle tool.

The bundle goes for P549 to P679. They are currently replenishing stock, but online stores such as Shopee and Lazada have similar dupes that go for cheaper.

Other forms of small but effective self-defense tools are the glass-breaking miniature escape hammers, utility keys that have a hidden knife, and multifunctional tool cards. Remember to always be safe when carrying around weapons such as these.

Attack alarm

If you're not the physical type, loud and distracting attack alarms are a viable option to scare away potential attackers and make people know that there's an emergency situation.

One example is an attack alarm that you can simply press to make a number of loud sounds. These can go online for as cheap as under P100 to well over P500 that comes with a rechargeable battery and blinding LED lights.

Emergency whistle

Whistles also work when you need a quick way to sound the alarm for danger. Though any regular one will do the job, this emergency whisle from outdoor brand Lixada is made with corrosion-resistant light titanium and a cord for easy access.

It's usually used for camping and other means of survival, though you never know when you might need it as well.

Aside from these self-defense tools, you can use these tips given by the Philippine National Police to prevent kidnapping.