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P80,000 tent? Level up your adventures like Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque with these luxury camping gear

By Kara Santos Published Mar 14, 2023 12:48 pm Updated Mar 14, 2023 4:50 pm

Dreaming of camping, but with all the creature comforts? Bea Alonzo recently shared a vlog about her tricked-out car camping adventure with boyfriend Dominic Roque, and proved that their camping date is anything but basic.

For their Valentine's Day this year, the couple brought their outdoor gear with them to Sierra Grove, which is located an easy drive just an hour and a half from Manila along the Marilaque Highway in Tanay, Rizal. Campers can enjoy cooler climate here since it's located 550 meters above sea level.

The couple’s main camping rig came with a fold-out tent and cozy sleeping area, a makeshift shower, outdoor chairs and dining table, a cooking/dining station with steak, wine, and Korean banchan on their dinner menu.

In her vlog, Bea admitted that she’s a new convert to the camping lifestyle.

“Seriously, dati hindi ko maintindihan 'yung concept tapos inisip ko, 'Hmm, magho-hotel nalang ako kasi mahihirapan lang ako or whatever. But I realized parang ngayon na-appreciate ko na 'yung beauty ng camping. It's also because of course the number one reason why people would go camping is to be one with nature,” she said.

Of course, it helps that they weren’t exactly roughing it in the wild. Here’s a look at just some of the luxury camping essentials they used and where you can get them (if you have the cash to spare).

TJM Yulara Roof Top Tent

Why bother setting up a basic tent on the ground when you can have a tent right on your car? The couple’s Ford Ranger Raptor 4 x 4 was outfitted with a TJM Yulara Roof Top Tent, which provides a high camping set-up for better views. This way, there’s no danger of sand or dirt getting dragged into the tent or water seeping though the ground in case it rains.

TJM 4x4 Philppines.

The roof top tent is mold-proof and waterproof, and fits neatly onto the roof of any 4x4. Access is made easy with the built-in aluminium retractable ladder.

For extra comfort, the tent comes with an 65mm high-density foam air mattress with a removable cover. The Yulara features fully screened windows and doors, and even a pull-out veranda. Additional TJM awning tents and awning walls (to set up an outdoor shaded dining area) are sold separately.

Since it gets very cold and windy up in the Sierra Madre mountains, the couple made sure to bring pillows and a comforter to keep warm and cozy during the night.

Price: Yulara Roof Top Tent, P80,000.00; Roof top awning 2.5 m long x 2.1 meters, P18,750.00.

Most of the car camping equipment is available at Dubshop Elite in TJM’s flagship store in 720 Banawe Street, Bgy. Sienna, Quezon City and online at Get the TJM Yulara Roof Top tent here.

TJM outdoor chairs and tables 

Bea and Dominic dined in style with a view of mountains thanks to their compact foldable camp chairs and tables. The TJM Director's Chair and TJM Highback Chair are constructed from steel and aluminium for strength and durability, while the seat and padded backrest are made from 600D polyester with PVC coating.

The TJM Camp Table packs down to a discreet size (910mm x 105mm x 200mm) but unfolds into a roomy tabletop (900mm x 520mm) that makes it easy to prepare, serve and eat meals in comfort. They also used a smaller folding table for food prep, while a folding stool doubled as a foortrest for easy lounging. 

Price: TJM Director's Chair, P5,500; TJM Highback Chair, P6,200; TJM Folding Stool & table, P4,500; TJM Folding Camp Table, P5,500. Get TJM gear here.


Want a convenient water source for washing hands, cleaning and rinsing equipment or on-the-go camp showers while outdoors? The WaterPort is a portable tank that holds enough pressurized water so you can stay clean and fresh while enjoying the great outdoors. The tanks are mounted to your vehicle to give you the convenience of having a pressurized water source wherever and whenever you need it. The DayTank holds 3.85 gallons of water and comes with a built-in hose.   

Price: The WaterPort Day Tank costs P12,000. Get Waterport products here.

Body Armor outdoor shower awning

The couple set up a waterproof privacy awning next to their vehicle using Body Armor’s 4 x 4 Awning Shower Tent. The camping gear packs away on the side of a vehicle, but can be set up and ready to use in 30 seconds.

This is ideal for getting changed, having a shower or somewhere to put your portable camping toilet. This tent-like structure comes with a large-zippered door for easy access and internal mesh pockets for storing toiletries. 

Price: The Body Armor outdoor shower awning costs P13,500. Get it here

Portable camping toilet and lightweight changing tent

One of the most common concerns of camping outdoors is the bathroom situation. To address this, Bea and Dominic brought a foldable lightweight changing tent which they set up near the trees away from their sleeping area. They also brought a portable toilet with them as spotted in the video.

While we're not sure of the exact models of these items, there are similar changing tents and toilets available from outdoor stores. The 20L Portable Camping Toilet sold at Overland Kings provides portable freshwater flushing, and comes with a double sealed holding tank, with a 10L handpump freshwater tank with enough water for up to 50 flushes.

The Naturehike lightweight foldable changing tent is lightweight and portable, easy to unfold, offers strong wind resistance, sun protection, and offers ample space and a ventilation window on the backside..

Price: Naturehike lightweight foldable changing tent, P4,776 on Lazada. Portable camping toilet, P8,000. Get the portable toilet here.

EcoFlow Delta Max Portable Power Station

Who says you should leave the gadgets at home when you go camping? Bea and Dominic’s adventure was powered by the Eco Flow DELTA Max, a portable power station normally used in home emergencies.

The EcoFlow Delta Max portable power station offers rapid dual charging where you can charge gadgets up from 0-80% in 65 minutes. It can power multiple heavy-duty devices like your fridge and dryer at home, so it’s sure to have enough juice for overnight camping trips.

With a power station like this, Dominic easily recharged his drone’s batteries, camera batteries, tablets, smartphones, and kept their food and drinks extra cold.

Price: The EcoFlow Delta Max costs P110,990. Get it here

Dometic CFX portable fridge

Camping without cold drinks is a thing of the past with hi-tech coolers. The couple kept their Perrier mineral water, softdrinks, wine, beers, and Makgeolli cold thanks to the Dometic CFX, an electric portable fridge that provides efficient cooling and freezing. No need to bring bags of ice (that will eventually melt) just to keep your drinks cold with this in your camping arsenal.

The 12 volt cooler is powered by AC, DC, or solar power and connects to a phone app, allowing easy temperature monitoring and control. The smallest model of the Dometic CFX fits 40 cans or five 1.5 L bottles, while the larger models can hold up to 72 cans, steaks, ice cream and anything else you'd want to keep cold during your off-grid adventure.

Price: The Dometic CFX3 portable fridge ranges from P50,000 (25L), P55,000 (35L) to P60,000 (45L). Get it here.

Prada stainless steel insulated water bottle

It’s important to keep hydrated when hiking and camping. And water must taste a lot better when sipped from a luxury tumbler.

The 500 ml Prada stainless steel insulated water bottle sports a minimalist design and elegant metallic finish and is decorated with the iconic lettering logo of the designer brand. While this tumbler currently isn’t listed in the Prada stores in the Philippines, it retails for more than P10,000 in Singapore and Taiwan Prada shops. 

Price: The Prada stainless steel insulated water bottle costs SGD 280 (P11,414) at the Prada Singapore Store and $NT 6000 (P10,910.00) in Taiwan (currently out of stock). A similar gold Prada water bottle was sold on Carousell for P16,900.