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All good things come in threes

Furbabies, summer & Samsung air conditioners

By KATHY MORAN, The Philippine STAR Published May 28, 2021 4:50 am Updated May 28, 2021 3:50 pm

It is funny how old habits die hard—just like the way I look at appliances. It is easier to get my interest piqued when we discuss an appliance of my youth. I guess that is because these appliances made me happy.

Just recently, I got curious about how the inverter type air conditioner has evolved through the years. So, it was with great joy when I discovered Samsung’s WindFree™ Plus with Air Purifier PM1.0.

Now, truth to tell, I have just moved into a condo—a first for me and I am wondering what the coming season will be like. I want to be able to keep the air in the main bedroom spic and span since we have been spending more time at home, and given that I live alone—with pets as my only companions. I sleep with two dogs and two cats. And yes, I let them roam freely in the room during the day or night.

It has always been a challenge for me to be able to maximize the time and enjoy leisure at home—and now with the help of the Samsung WindFree™ Plus Aircon with Air Purifier PM 1.0 I will finally be able to experience another first this season.

 Samsung WindFree™ Plus Air Conditioner with Air Purifier PM 1.0

Although many people have told me I can make my summer lovelier through interesting activities like aromatherapy, meditation, movie nights, and virtual catch-ups—I know, that although I might try these activities out—my pets will always be part of whatever I decide.

So, I went to view the Samsung WindFree™ Plus with Air Purifier PM 1.0 recently and I was pleasantly surprised. The biggest surprise is knowing I will be able to use the air conditioner during the hottest time of the day and breathe fresh air without a big electric dent in my pocket. And that makes all the difference.

Safer cooler space

Samsung is definitely making homes more comfortable this summer with the launch of the newest addition to its lineup of air conditioners: the WindFree™ Plus with Air Purifier PM 1.0. It is really sooo hot and a newer air conditioner with a filter that keeps the air clean from all the dander from a room full of pets is  heaven sent. This new unit is designed to help families keep their homes safe with its smart and health-beneficial features.

Now, the WindFree™ Plus with Air Purifier PM 1.0 guarantees hygienic air with its PM1.0 Filter, which captures fine dust and eliminates bacteria,  allergens, and other microorganisms. Better yet, the PM 1.0 Filter works like a standalone air purifier. Its electrostatic chargers attract, capture and destroy ultra-fine particles with 99% cleaning efficiency. I can rest easy, as I see and breathe the level of air quality on a display.

 All for the love of pets: Gorby, Mr. Gizmo, Boris and Vodka

Best part is, disinfecting the unit is also not hard. An Auto Clean function uses a three-step process that removes moisture to prevent the build-up of bacteria and odors. The filter is located on the outside so it is more accessible to clean. Its antibacterial-coating protects residents against harmful airborne contaminants.

The patient salesperson told me that with the air conditioner’s WindFree™ Cooling technology, my furbabies and I can relax in comfort as summer approaches. This feature gently and quietly disperses air through 23,000 micro air holes, and its advanced airflow cools a wider and larger area more evenly without the unpleasant feeling of cold wind. Additionally, no direct wind also lessens the possible circulation of bacteria.

An added feature, the air conditioner runs on a Digital Inverter Boost, which reduces noise and energy use by up to 73%. This technology also cools rooms 43% faster and since temperatures are rising outside, families can enjoy staying indoors and letting the air conditioner run longer.

Of course, Samsung Digital Appliances’ latest offering has intelligent features that optimize its use. AI Auto Cooling analyzes room conditions and usage patterns to automatically switch to the most optimal settings. This is complemented by Good Sleep, an automated feature that adjusts the temperature and humidity to help families fall asleep quickly, rest deeply, and wake up feeling refreshed. The SmartThings app can remotely regulate the temperature and switch the unit on or off.

Restful sleep in this pandemic might be hard to come by—but at least being able to rest in an allergy-free atmosphere and feeling cool as I breathe is such a healthy welcome.

Perchance to sleep and breathe, too

I went home that day doing the math in my head so that I may be able to purchase a WindFree™ Plus with Air Purifier PM 1.0.

I know that with the savings I will make from no allergies because of cleaner air and more so from less expense from constant use because of lower electricity costs the price of a Samsung will definitely be worth it.

But, as every writer worth his or her last byline knows to say, don't take my word for it, try it out yourself and you will do as I am soon to do—get the new Samsung WindFree™ Plus with Air Purifier PM1.0 and see the worth of your investment.

Visit the Samsung website to know more.

A cooler life—means a more peaceful life, too.

* * *

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