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Pinoy breakfast takes center stage in Joshua Weissman's video, Ninong Ry shows appreciation

By NICK GARCIA Published Feb 08, 2023 1:03 pm

The all-time favorite Pinoy breakfast longsilog and tosilog take center stage in the YouTube channel of popular American food vlogger Joshua Weissman.

In his Feb. 5 video titled "American Breakfast Vs. Filipino Breakfast," Weissman made two dishes to determine which one is better: his country's very own breakfast consisting of pancakes, sausages, eggs, bacon, toast, and hash brown versus the Philippines' tocino, longganisa, sinangag, and egg.

"I wanna talk about a breakfast that isn't talked about enough," Weissman said of the Filipino breakfast.

The 27-year-old cook, who boasts 7.46 million followers, made tocino from scratch. He marinated pork for three days in brown sugar, pineapple juice, salt, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and minced garlic.

He did the same with his longganisa, consisting of 60% lean ground pork, salt, smoked paprika, black pepper, Pinoy soy sauce, white vinegar, brown sugar, and minced garlic.

In making sinangag, which he noted is the backbone of the dish, Weissman went for 15 cloves of garlic as well as last night's rice that's been chilled and not the one that's freshly cooked. He also took note of adding MSG (monosodium glutamate), also known as "vetsin," the way Filipinos do.

"You have two gorgeous breakfasts, and only one winner," Weissman said.

"If you've ever been to Denny's, it's like that but on crack. It's great," he said in tasting the American breakfast, comparing it to their local diner chain with hundreds of branches worldwide.

"But I want to introduce you to something special," he followed, as he gushed over the Filipino breakfast.

"Garlic fried rice should be part of every healthy start of the day. This has depth. It is garlicky, savory, yet it's simple," he said, adding that the meats are sweet, salty, and have umami.

"This, to me, is more exciting," Weissman said of the Filipino breakfast. "I'm gonna dream about this."

He also called on his crew named Christian to taste the dish. Christian, then, showed Joshua how to eat it with his fingers, Filipino style.

"You're looking for a new experience in the breakfast world? Filipino breakfast is where you should be. And I think it's where you should've always been," Joshua said.

He gave a shoutout to the "Filipino homies" in the comments section.

"We love you and your food! We are gonna bring more of it to light for the people of the world!" he said.

Homegrown food content creator Ninong Ry expressed his admiration for Weissman in the comments section.

"Thank you for showing Filipino food to the world! Love you, Josh!" he said.

Filipinos in the replies went gaga over Ninong Ry's comment, with some even asking for a collaboration.

This isn't the first time Weissman featured Filipino cuisine in his videos. He also made chicken adobo, as well as Jollibee-style fried chicken and spaghetti in the past.