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LOOK: This Instagram shop repurposes liquor bottles into stunning lamps

By Brooke Villanueva Published Apr 29, 2021 5:22 pm

Tell me: After a fun drinking session with friends in your backyard, where do your liquor bottles go? 

If you dump them straight into the garbage can, I say it’s time to change your ways. Recycling can take many different forms now and this applies to, yes, even the alcohol containers you have at home. 

Happy Light MNL, for one, is breathing new life into such bottles by repurposing them into stunning lamps. They serve two causes: Apart from reducing waste, they can also amp up your home with trendy accents.

With prices ranging from P4,200-P5,000, the production of each lamp could take a maximum of three weeks. Curious as to where they take their design cues? “When we see a nice bottle, we try to think of what fabric would look best with it and vice versa,” said Pepper Henson, who co-owns the brand with her husband Rupert. Usually, however, it’s a collaboration with their clients. “We give our suggestions, but ultimately, the client decides on the pairings he or she wants for the lamp.” 

Their personalized approach to their pieces is what makes the Instagram shop stand out. “We really take the time to make sure that the client gets to see several pairings of the base and shade, that he or she gets to choose the perfect size, shape, shade, and other details to make sure that they are really happy with the outcome,” she said.

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The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bottle Lamp is their bestseller, but their personal favorite is the Kavalan Bottle Lamp. “We made it during the early days of Happy Light. It’s my husband’s personal bottle and we had so many uncertainties about this particular piece,” explained Pepper. “But when we saw the final product, we couldn’t bear to part with it.”

Do they accept custom orders with, say, special bottles from clients? They can, but it isn’t something they would recommend. “There’s a risk that we damage their bottle while drilling a hole," she said. "But if customers are willing to take that risk, we'd be happy to do their lamps."

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