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LIST: Top 7 Baguio Airbnbs that are Insta-worthy and across budgets

By Ingrid Isabel Mendoza Published May 21, 2021 4:18 pm Updated Oct 29, 2022 11:15 am

A glass treehouse, a farmhouse, and French and Korean lofts.

These are just some of the Airbnbs you can book in Baguio City if you want to escape to a cool and breezy place. Here, you can relax in mountain weather amid pine trees and foggy hills.

Here are some Airbnbs that are not only Insta-worthy and unique but budget-friendly (well, that depends on you) as well.

1. Twin Glass Treehouse at Tudor in the Pines

Twin Glass Treehouse

This Baguio Airbnb will surely leave you in awe with its breathtaking view of the city. This unique glass treehouse is ideal for a staycation with your family, friends or significant other. Located on top of Baguio’s pinewood forest, it would be perfect for those nature-lovers who want to get away from the dusty air of the city.

Twin Glass Treehouse can accommodate up to four guests, as it has two bedrooms with two king-sized beds. The price is P10, 086 per night. It’s kind off a stretch on the budget but totally worth it with this unique and modern design. 

2. Camp John Hay Forest Cabin

Camp John Hay Forest Cabin

This Forest Cabin gives you a feel of Western-style camping. Camp John Hay is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Baguio City and has a rich history. It was built in 1903 as a military camp of American and British soldiers in World War II.

Now it has been developed as a facility that offers a range of leisure activities such as trekking, tree drop adventure, and canopy rides, restaurants and outlet shops at a walking distance. If you want to lessen the burden or travel expenses, this would be the place for you, since it has almost everything.

Perfect for big families as it accommodates a maximum of 10 guests (P8,143 per night) and has three bedrooms with double beds.

3. Good Morning Baguio Farmhouse

Good Morning Baguio Farmhouse

It is a good morning, indeed, if you wake up to the fresh smell of herbs and lilies. This Good Morning Baguio Farmhouse is a modern twist to the farmhousewith its own private greenhouse. The interior is surrounded by various herbs and flowers, and the owners allow you to pick them if ever you want to cook a meal.

Located at the center of the city, it is about 20 minutes away from famous tourist spots like Burnham Park and Session Road. It can accommodate 16 guests (starting at P4,598 per night), in its three bedrooms and 15 beds.

4. American Heritage Baguio Home

American Heritage Home

This country chic design definitely makes you feel at home. From its eye-catching baby blue and white interiors down to the cozy furniture, you won’t mind staying indoors for the rest of your stay.

American Heritage is surrounded by pine trees and has a huge garden, this is great for having a bonfire where you can bond, have some drinks and make smores with your family or friends. It can also seem familiar, if you’re a Filipino-movie fanatic, as it has been used in multiple films such as Honor Thy Father, Citizen Jake, and Glorious.

Price ranges from P1,793 to P3, 393 depending on how many guests check in. The place accepts a maximum of 8 guests and 2 children.

5. Le Coq Bleu, a French home (LOFT)

Le Coq Bleu

Dreaming of a trip to France, but can’ afford it yet? Le Coq Bleu is your temporary fix to that. Owner Chantal Pangilinan, a French migrant, shares her exquisite home that’s inspired by her country’s culture and art. You will also get a taste of their cuisine, as they serve European-style meals to guests. This home will make you feel like you’re in a museum admiring pieces of art thanks to its rustic furniture.

It’s priced at P2,500 per night for three guests. If you plan to spend a vacation with your travel buddy, significant other, or even your “walang ka-label” just like the movie That Thing Called Tadhana, then this place is worth trying, especially for the price.

6. Korean-inspired loft apartment

Korean-inspired Loft

You unexpectedly plan a trip to Baguio and are on a tight budget? This minimalist and youthful Korean-inspired Loft is the place for you. The price is just below P 2,000 and won’t be heavy on the wallet.

The minimalist design is inspired by Korean interiors, as their culture has started to dominate the city. As the owner says, “We brought Korea to you in Baguio City.”

The simplicity of the place makes it stand out because more often than not, less is more.

7. Glamp Rooftop Glamping

I am not a fan of outdoor camping, but this place makes me want to give it a try. It’s camping in style or glamping. Glamp is the only place that offers rooftop glamping—and astrology. Star lovers will enjoy the place as it makes you feel like you can reach the stars. You can also wake up to a beautiful sunrise that will surely put a smile on your face.

Glamp Rooftop Glamping

If you’re traveling with your crush, it’s the perfect place to make s move. A moment under the starry night, kilig!

At only P750 per night, they will serve guests a camp-favorite snack, smores, and brewed coffee. Tents and sleeping bags are provided—best for those who like to travel light.