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Having a hard time booking a GrabCar? Here are some alternative ride-sharing apps to try

By AYIE LICSI Published May 12, 2022 8:01 pm

How long does it take for you to book a GrabCar nowadays? 10 minutes? 30 minutes? Hours? Well, you're not the only one finding it hard to find a ride.

Even Grab Philippines issued a statement about the booking issue, explaining that there are more passengers nowadays than Grab drivers on the road.

"With life slowly returning to normal, the growing demand for GrabCar vehicles far outnumber the supply on the road," the company said in an April 30 statement.

"However, TNVS supply is determined by the LTFRB and only vehicles licensed by them are allowed on the platform. Rest assured, Grab is continuously working with the LTFRB to ensure safe, reliable transportation to help our economy get back on its feet."

But for those instances when you need to book a ride ASAP to get to work or go home, here are some alternative ride-sharing apps to try.

Disclaimer: the fleet of vehicles of these companies might not be as numerous as Grab's, so you might still encounter booking issues. Just look at the bright side: at least, you will have more ride options.


Good news: Joyride isn't just a motorcycle-hailing app anymore, you can now book car rides, too!

Similar to Grab, users have the options to choose between four-seater and six-seater cars. The app also allows for multiple payment methods, including cash, eCash, and the in-app JR Pay Wallet. Users also get 30% off on their first car ride with the promo code JOYRIDECAR.

Joyride also offers motorcycle taxis, delivery, multi-vehicle delivery service, JR Mall, Pabili, and load payment.


An app made by Filipinos for Filipinos, OWTO promises reasonably priced rides for passengers. This ride-sharing app offers three options depending on how many seats you need: Premium, Class, and More.


Originally a car rental service, Avis now lets users in Metro Manila book rides. There are three ride options, including Car, Premium, and Executive Sedan. Users can also schedule a booking in advance for a worry-free experience.


A service under the Toktok delivery app, Toktokgo is the country's newest ride-sharing service. Currently, you can't book car rides in the app yet, but their Facebook page says they're "Driving very soon."


If all else fails and you don't mind riding on a motorcycle instead of a car, Angkas is the way to go. Their Facebook and Twitter pages are always updated with promo codes—something handy for those who want to save on their commuting fees.