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Wine pairings for every occasion with organic European dairy

By Brooke Villanueva Published Jan 24, 2024 2:00 pm

Any occasion wouldn’t be complete without wine.  

While it’s undeniably delightful when enjoyed as is, it tastes even better when it’s paired with good food. Wine and food pairings, if done right, could impress your guests on your next gathering—be it one with your friends or your family.  

Ian Santos, a champion sommelier at the 2019 Philippine Sommelier Competition, told PhilSTAR L!fe that it’s important to think of the food you’re serving to people in advance so you can give them the ultimate dining experience. Noting that the entire process is a delicate one as the flavors need to complement each other, he emphasized it’s best to be prepared.  

“Knowing the food menu beforehand gives you enough time and an idea of what wines can be easily paired with the majority of the dishes,” he said.  

How do you do it? According to Santos, it’s all about having the perfect balance of the taste, aroma, and textures of the food and drinks at your celebration.  

Here, he gives his top wine pairing recommendations for every occasion as L!fe shares how you can make them better with organic European dairy products that are naturally good for you. Each one uses only pure ingredients and is free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals in its production from start to finish, making it good not just for your body but also for animals and the environment.  

For Valentine’s  

For the day of hearts, you can’t go wrong with some Chianti. “Selecting a bottle of wine from Italy is something that would make your Valentine’s Day special as St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, was born in Italy,” Santos pointed out. “Chianti is a small appellation in Tuscany. They are known for producing elegant, fruit-driven red wine made from Sangiovese grapes.”  

Santos said Chianti goes well with dishes with meat-based tomato sauce. How about trying some tomato-based pasta amped up with some organic cream cheese from Europe? 

Cream cheese pasta
For Thanksgiving  

Santos recommends Pinot Noir for Thanksgiving. “With Turkey being the star of every Thanksgiving dinner, this perfectly calls for a bottle of Pinot Noir, a light-bodied, low tannin red wine mostly grown in the region of Burgundy, France.”  

The sommelier also said it works just as well with some fried chicken with gravy. Try making it with some organic milk to make it delicious with pure and natural ingredients.   

Fried chicken with gravy dip
For Christmas  

Merlot is “an outstanding grape variety loved by most wine-drinkers all over the world,” Santos said, adding that some of its best variants come from Bordeaux, France. 

Since it’s “full-bodied” and “has intense blue and black fruit characteristics as well as silky tannins,” the wine expert shared it’s perfect with red meats. Beef stroganoff with organic European dairy, paired with Merlot, might just make your Christmas dinner with your nearest and dearest a lot more delightful.  

Beef stroganoff
For Pinoy feasts 

“If the menu consists of mostly Filipino dishes, you may opt for something with a good amount of acidity such as Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc for white wine,” Santos said.  

One of his ultimate favorite wine pairings with Filipino dishes, however, is Rosé. “Light, crisp, easy, and usually served chilled, this is perfect for almost any kind of Filipino food, and not to mention, perfect with our weather, too.” 

Santos told L!fe you can count on some off-dry Riesling for a good match with Bicol Express and some Rosé with Creamy Chicken Adobo. You can make both with organic milk, too, for a naturally creamy and mouthwatering finish.  

Bicol express
Creamy chicken adobo
For birthdays  

When in doubt, go for sparkling wines.  

“Sparkling wines, in general, are a celebratory beverage. Opening a bottle of it, specifically Champagne, brings the dining experience to a whole new level,” said Santos. “Nobody ever says no to a bottle of sparkling wine. Sparkling wine for a big group is always a good idea as it creates a festive mood.” 

As you cap off your day, why not enjoy it with some booze and dessert? Santos said Champagne tastes good with almost anything. How about some plain cheesecake like this one made with organic cream cheese?  

Cream cheese cheesecake
Why use organic European dairy?

Products made with organic European dairy follow a sustainable production process, making them naturally good for you and your surroundings. They make use of organic feed for their cattle, including grass and maize that are mostly sourced from their farms. 

By using them, you make a caring choice as each one puts animal welfare at the forefront through sustainable practices. Aside from being allowed to “freely roam their fields” and “express their natural behavior,” their cattle are also given all things natural, so you’re assured you’re consuming goods with no pesticides, GMOs, and other chemicals that could be harmful for you.

In home cooking and baking, you can count on premium and naturally good organic dairy from Europe. You can find them in grocery stores and supermarkets near you—just look for organic dairy with the EU organic logo. 

EU organic logo

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