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Want to visit Siargao or live there permanently? Here’s how—and how much

By Cielle Conte Published Sep 02, 2021 3:53 pm Updated Aug 15, 2022 5:08 pm

Looking forward to a vacation in Siargao? Since the island reopened to leisure travel, Siargao has become a popular destination once again among celebrities and ordinary citizens alike. You can’t resist falling in love with this small but breathtaking teardrop-shaped island with its white-sand beaches.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re staying a few days—or want to live there permanently.

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Must-experience spots in Siargao

If you really want to get the best out of your first or regular surfing experience, General Luna is the best place to stay. Of course, Cloud 9 is at the top of the list for best surfing spot and also perfect for watching sunsets. With its famous three-story wooden pier, tourists have options on where to catch the perfect view of the waves meeting the sunset.

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You can also stay near the barangay of Del Carmen where Sugba Lagoon is becoming fairly popular for diving. If you’re afraid to jump, you can just ask your tour guide to take a quick snap and go paddle boarding or snorkeling in the lagoon. After all, it’s the place to be.

If you’re mesmerized by crisp-white bareness and sand bars, you must tour Naked Island, which is known for its fine white sand. Oh the glow! Don’t forget your sunglasses.

For the love of the ‘Gram, you can’t miss going to Palm Tree Road (rent a motorcycle for the most “in” snapshots) and Coconut Mountain View, two of the most Instagrammable locations in Siargao.

We aren’t stopping there. Have you seen Maasin River? If you’re a fan of picturesque views, you have to put it on your itinerary and get closer to nature.

If you’re into cliff jumping, Magpupungko Rock Pools offer just that. For a 45-minute motorcycle ride from General Luna, you can experience swimming and exploring around a unique mountain rock formation. But make sure to do you research on which activities you prefer to do during low tide and high tide.

When you feel like enjoying seclusion and solitude, it’s best to go to Guyam Island, a two-textured island: one with a sandy beach, and the other with a rocky beach. Best enjoyed exploring because of its peace and quiet under the palm trees. Who wouldn’t want to refresh and reset in a place like that?

If you’re a foodie and you want an Instagram-worthy boodle fight, Daku Island is the place to be. It’s one of the best tourist places to unwind after a long day tour. Having the best-cooking locals of Siargao and surrounded by the freshest seafood, who’s to say no? Daku Island also offers activities like swimming, kayaking, and fishing.

Traveling around Siargao

Walking amid fresh breeze is refreshing but you need ample rest after a full day of activities. In order to be in your best traveling condition, here are some options to get around Siargao that you can check within your budget.

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Habal-habal (motorcycle). For the full experience, you will most likely need to rent a habal-habal to get to places even though Siargao is a small island. Rates depend on whether you’re renting for a day (starts at P500), a week (P1,000), or a month (P3,000-P4,000). It’s a cheap option given that it can accommodate two people.

Bicycle. A cheaper alternative, rent starts at P150.

Tricycle. If you aren’t confident to drive around Siargao, you can get another cheap option via tricycle. Fare starts at P20 in the daytime and P50 at night. It accommodates two to four persons per ride.

Van. If you’re feeling slightly loose on your budget and choose comfort over above else, a van is the best option especially away from GL or up north) with your friends because it can accommodate more people. Also, you get a chance to split the rent with friends.

Must-try food spots in Siargao

Around General Luna, as suggested by popular vloggers David Guison and Angelique Manto: Alma, Bake, Bravo, Lami Siargao, Lamari, Miguel’s Taqueria, Shaka Café, White Beard, White Banana Beach Club, Wild Restaurant Siargao.

Travel tips

Interact with locals. From what we’ve gathered, Siargao locals are one of the most hospitable and friendly communities you’ll encounter. Getting lost? Ask a local. Looking for a specific cuisine? Ask a local. Having trouble getting around the island? Ask a local. Do not be afraid—they’re always willing to help.

Enjoy your stay by living like a local. It’s more fun to immerse yourself in a place where you can exist and live life away from the city. Familiarize yourself with the things you need to know and make your travel experience more exciting.


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Bond with local dogs. Not one spot in the island is without dogs. You can encounter them playing outside your accommodation villas, surrounding the streets of GL and other barangays, around the islands, and even travelling with you. Dogs are just the best tour guides, right?

Have the most absolute fun you can! Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. You’re already lost in a beautiful place. Take it up a notch by trying out all the things you possibly can while you’re on the island. Remember, you only live once!

Make sure to have emergency funds. You may be traveling on a budget, but you should have extra cash. Siargao has limited ATMs available compared to the city. Take extra measures so safe, well-fed, happy, and worry-free during the entire trip.

How expensive is it to live in Siargao?

After all the Siargao Youtube vlogs we’ve seen this year, non-showbiz people and aspiring vloggers have taken the trend to Tiktok.

#Foryoupage or #fyp trends have video descriptions like “Moving to Siargao,” “Goodbye Manila, Hello Siargao,” “Work From Home in Siargao,” and “This is a Sign to Move to Siargao.”

People have been posting content where they evaluate and share the cost of living montly for those planning to live permanently in Siargao. This list includes the essentials and other optional expenses. Costs are an estimation.

You’ll need a place to stay: P9,000-P16,000 is a fair amount of range when you’re looking for a rental place or an AirBnb depending on the vibe you want and your budget.

You’ll need a mode of transportation: P1,000-P4,000 is a decent amount for transpo rental.

You’ll need an internet connection: P1,000-P2,000. This still depends on your data usage and network provider.

You’ll need food budget and other personal necessities: P5,000-P15,000 is a safe range depending if you’re frugal or into splurging on food.

For more “moved to Siargao,” content, visit @hotperfectpinoy @island.arki, @cCarla | Life in Siargao or type #Siargao, #SiargaoLife, and other related tags on Tiktok.

However you choose to plan your trip or move to Siargao, don’t forget to stay safe stay healthy! Bookmark this travel guide to get you in touch with the island life.

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For the latest travel requirements and tourist entry requirements, visit the Siargao Travel Advisory Page.