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‘Happy meals’: Thai restaurant now offers cannabis cuisine

By PhilSTAR L!fe Published Jan 16, 2021 4:09 am

Missing Thailand? 

When all of this is over, you might want to check out a restaurant at the Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital situated in Prachin Buri, which came up with their own “happy food.”

Why happy? The offerings are infused with cannabis, which was “delisted as a narcotic in Thailand, allowing state-authorised firms to cultivate the plant,” according to Reuters. Among the food items of the hospital—which studied marijuana and its benefits—are giggling bread, joyfully dancing salad, happy pork soup, deep-fried bread topped with pork and marijuana leaf, and salad of crispy cannabis leaves. 

“Cannabis leaves, when put in the food or even a small amount, it will help the patient to recover faster from the illness,” the hospital’s project leader explained, adding that it can improve their appetite, get a relaxing shuteye, and even boost their mood.

“Thailand in 2017 became the first Southeast Asian country to legalise cannabis for medical use and has since opened numerous medical marijuana clinics,” the article read.

Customers described the meals “weird but delicious,” “quite strange,” and “similar to everyday vegetables." Highlighting some of its alter-effects, a diner shared, “it makes my throat dry and I crave sweets.” 

Thai deputy education minister Kanokwan Vilawan revealed their hopes of bringing the aforementioned dishes to the global scene, saying, “We plan to add more (cannabis) to Thai dishes that are already well known, such as green curry soup, to boost the popularity of these dishes even more.”

Article thumbnails by Jorge Silva via Reuters