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Gen Z slang you should and shouldn't be using this 2024

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Jan 03, 2024 7:09 pm Updated Jan 04, 2024 10:00 am

Now that 2023 is in the rearview mirror, it's time to welcome 2024 by embracing all the trendy words and phrases and leaving behind those that are no longer pleasant to the ears.

There are a lot of slang words that permeated the internet in 2023. In a survey released by online language learning platform Preply back in November, some of the most commonly used slang words used by today's youth include "sus," "bet," "yeet," "salty," among others.

But should we still bring with us these terms as we usher in the coming months, or should we bite our tongue when it comes to saying them?

Words to leave in 2023

Many social media users online have shared their thoughts on the words that people should leave behind in the past because of how "unnecessary" and "stupid" they have become.

  • Rizz- defined as the ability to attract a romantic or sexual partner.
  • Manifest- defined as the act of making something happen by imagining it and thinking about it until it comes true.
  • Cringe- used in situations that make you feel embarrassed and ashamed.
  • GYATT- shortened term for 'godd—n' that guys use when they see a girl they find attractive.
  • Periodt- used for added emphasis on ending a discussion.
  • Ratio- used as a mocking insult on social media for posts that generate more negative reactions than positive ones.
  • Situationship- a romantic relationship between two people who have no clear commitment to each other.
Words to know in 2024

If you want to expand your vocabulary this new year, here are some words you should know and start using before they go out of style.

  • Coquette- defined as a fashion style that's flirty, hyper-feminine, and soft with references to the Victorian Regency era. Some users on X joke that slapping a ribbon on anything makes it "coquette." Example: Those ruffles on your dress are so coquette.

  • IJBOL- an acronym for the phrase 'I just burst out laughing.' Gen Z would use this instead of "LOL" or the laughing emoji. Example: IJBOL kay Melai sa Asia Artist Awards.
  • Oomf- an acronym for the phrase 'one of my followers' or 'one of my friends.' Example: I think I just matched with an oomf on Bumble.
  • Let them cook- defined as letting the person do something they are good at and giving them space. Sometimes, it's also used as a response to question someone's controversial takes. Example: Hold on. Let him cook.
  • Coded- a term used to refer to something or someone sharing stereotypical traits based on race, gender, sex, sexual orientation or age. Example: He's just so boyfriend-coded.

  • Mother- used by fans as an act of love and respect for famous women. It can also be used to describe something iconic being done. Example: Kathryn Bernardo mothered so hard in 'A Very Good Girl.'
  • Mid- used to describe something as mediocre or of low quality. Example: That new song was so mid.